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Missandrist Audio Sex Stories 33

Your big sister catches you trying on her clothes, as punishment she takes pictures- blackmailing you to do everything she says. Starting with transforming you into the perfect little fuck doll. A full face of makeup later you’re no longer a man - but a slutty little sissy. But to go with your new look you must learn to behave like a slut - now it’s time your big sister trains you with her ginormous cock
Your Futa mommy is feeling very pent up tonight. Frustrated by your bratty behaviour and her lack of time for a sex life. She needs an outlet..unable to control her urges she sneaks into your bedroom and takes out her sexual frustrations..
Your bully has something special in mind today…to reveal her true form to you, the reason why she is so abnormally strong -and why they is a mysterious bludge in her pants..as your forced into the locker room a game of humiliation and blackmail begins..
Your big sister barges into your room - sure that you took her shoes. She finds you fast asleep so she looks through your room herself. But what she finds is not what she expected..a whole collection of big sister smut, and to top it off - a pile of her underwear. As punishment she decides to give you a taste of your own medicine. Using you to get off without your consent..
You are left at home while your older sister goes clubbing with her friends. Annoyed that you’re missing out on the fun you sneak out - hoping to finally get a taste of freedom from your overprotective sister. You find a shady underground bar, full of hot girls and entertainment. But your excitement blinds you from seeing your furious sister right across the room..
Your girlfriend says she has a surprise for you..full of curiosity you meet her at what looks like a nightclub. But little do you know the walls hold dirty secrets inside..
You wake up tied to bed after a night out..but you swear you only had two drinks. As you adjust to the light you see a familiar face..your crazy ex girlfriend
You beg your mistress to keep you as her pet - saying you would do anything to be considered worthy enough. A few days later you wake up in an unfamiliar room - dizzy and confused. Your mistress has a grand surprise for you - a test to prove yourself. But you never guessed it would be 4 big black cocks to suck on
This is a custom script fill, the script is by E_Reverse Because of your uncontrollable urges and lewd thoughts you are sent to the Mommy rehabilitation program - a program where you are assigned a “Mommy”. You will then be milked for days and weeks on end - until there are no more lewd thoughts left..
You’re feeling a little frisky and decide to meet up with a tinder hookup at a hotel. But after being seduced and tied to a chair - your let in on a big fat secret..your hookup would love nothing more than to see you suck a big juicy cock. To your horror a big, muscular well hung stud comes out of the closet…your in for a rough night..
For some reason you can’t stop thinking about your experience..being used and facefucked until you passed out..the humiliation of being found in the morning with cum dripping down your face. So you return to the hotel, nervous and conflicted. A part of you hopes you’ll be abused again but the other part is terrified. Not long after you enter the room, you find yourself bound to the bed - your ass sticking up, blindfolded. Then..to your horror and excitement, you recognise the voice of the man who brutalised your throat..And feel his big rough hands grabbing your waist..
Your girlfriend finds out about your porn addiction and decides to “help”. Creating a strict routine to stop any masturbation without permission. Starting with condemning you to life in a cage. To make sure you don’t try to escape whilst at work - she conducts throughout inspects of your cock and balls before and after work - to look for signs of struggle or masturbation. You are hoping to go out with your coworkers tonight to celebrate the end of a project - but first you must face your girlfriend- who awaits you on the couch..
Your big sister is sick and makes you help her in return for dating advice. Taking advantage of your cluelessness she gives you a lesson on how to attract a girl - and how to fuck a girl. Taking your virginity and turning you into her little pleasure toy
You can’t stop thinking about the last few nights. Being used and reduced down to a cumdump. Having the staff find you with degrading words written on your ass - dripping with cum. The strangest part was that you liked it..and you liked the mysterious woman that had somehow coerced you into. So after asking her on a date you find yourself in an alleyway on a lively cool night. She throws herself at you, taking you to a mysterious abandoned warehouse. This would be it - she’s finally going to fuck you, right? In a matter of minutes you find yourself bent over in a dingy hallway - eagerly sucking and fucking three fat cocks out of gloryholes..
After your girlfriend finds out about your spending problems and debt - she decides to help you. Giving you a fresh start at her successful company- becoming your boss. Soon she also decides to take complete control of your bank account - now that she is in control of your finances and work life you are at her mercy. She seems to enjoy the power, making you wear a collar everyday after work and treating you like a pet. However, one day you figure out the password to your bank account - it had been months since you were allowed to touch your money so you buy a game you’ve always wanted. Little do you know - your girlfriend/boss is always watching. You come home to find her waiting for you on the couch
The cute pet shop owner/trainer has caught your eye. She is very sweet and flirty with you so you decide to make a move. You make sure you return to the store 10 minutes before closing, hoping you’ll get her alone. Fantasising about what you’d like to do with her - you ask for a collar..a black one. You think it will look nice on her..and she’s a pet trainer, she must be into it right? But little do you know, she’s not as “sweet”as she seems. Get ready for the tables to turn…