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Misterdaddy Audio Sex Stories 14

You love being sneaky with your dirty Daddy. He lures you into the upstairs bathroom during a party. Then, later that night he sneaks into your bedroom.
Daddy knows you sleep so much better if you cum. So he teases and denies, teases and denies, and teases some more. Is Daddy EVER going to let you cum?
Sometimes Daddy has to punish you when you disobey. But when you are good, he gives you a special kind of kiss.
Daddy and baby watch a couple fuck, and they fuck each other. Long, and slow, with lots of detail. Voyeur, lick-fucking, finger-fucking, clit-feeding, multiple O's, spanking, pegging, good girl, dirty, filthy fuckwhore, cum now.
You have to be bad to be good. And good to be bad. And of course, you have to cum.