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Miym22 Audio Sex Stories 52

This is a dark, nasty little piece of work you all voted for. And I'm so happy you did. You stir. Something in your drink has made you forget the last few hours. And now, here you are. In front of him. He's telling you what will be. You will be his, forever after he is done with you here tonight. You will be his chosen one. It's too late to resist so all you can do is listen and let yourself melt away, leaving yourself blank and....chosen. Contains: drugged, personality wipe, comparisons made to cult leader being your new god, chanting/repeating, fractionation, worship, forced masturbation, edging, forced hypnosis, forced submission
One little off-the-cuff fantasy has led to this, has it. Well now pet, now you've done it. I want you to settle in, listen to my words, and remember you asked for this. You asked to be my toy.... Includes: confusion induction, fractionation, hypnobondage, edging, arousal control, objectification.
Now that you've been trained and conditioned, let's reinforce that with overstimulation. To the point where you collapse. To the point where your mind melts and your resistance to this command is wiped away. This is a long one, good girl. Good luck.
MIYM is for everyone. And that includes you, good boy. Listen to my voice and how easy it is to be aroused by it, how easy it is for you to want to submit. Don't fight it, we both know you'll never win. Give in, listen, and get aroused...
A degradation file about how wet and needy you are just at the hint of being controlled. Sit on your hands, spread your legs, and let me tell you why that turns us both on. Contains: Degradation, arousal and denial, words such as "slut"
You didn't think we were going to go an entire year without me dominating those beautiful things, did you? No, of course not. So, get playing. Let me see them. Contains: objectification, breast play, nipple twisting, orgasm command
ALL CHARACTERS ARE OVER 18. THIS IS A DD/LG FANTASY ONLY. Mmm, Princess, my little girl, get over here. It's time for Daddy to have his way with you. Join me in a little mutual masturbation, stare at Daddy's cock, and desire to have me creampie my beautiful little girl.
It's been too long since you've been with Daddy. So, shh, Princess and come here to Daddy. Contains: DD/lg, arousal control, guided sex, Dad worship, praise
Oh boy. Are you ready, good girl? Are you ready to edge when I tell you? Again and again? I know you can make the 10 minutes. If you don't, the consequences will be dire for you. ...of course, there is a part of me that hopes you fail, good girl. Contains: possessive language and word usage like "slut", edging, countdown, and maybe me joining in...
Your conditioning and training gets heavier now as the snap and cum command is reinforced to the point it may melt your mind...but you won't mind, would you?
...well, it's fun for me. There's nothing quite like seeing a submissive go up and down, up and down. Watching their eyes roll to the back of their head. Their bodies slump. Like a puppet with it's strings cut as I snap and command you back down. Today, good girl, that's exactly what is going to happen to you. Let's see if you can last... (includes arousal play, aftercare and a lot of fractionation)
Oh, so you've been a bad girl to start this year, have you. You really want to try that kind of behavior out with me? You asked for it, brat. You're going to sit there, listen to me, fall, and let me punish you. You think you can't resist? No, not this time. Bad girls need to get punished. Get over here.
The holiday's are stressful, and you still owe me a gift. I'll get two birds with one stone. Or rather....one toybox. See, this year, you're my gift. My perfect toy. Includes: edging, confusion, becoming a toy/doll
You've been a bad girl, Princess. Daddy's going to have to punish you. Break you. And when I'm done with you, you'll be apologizing for everything you've done to Daddy.
A file for when you are sleepy, or just about to wake up (if you can manage that). It's CNC sleep touching, dear good girl. Now shhh and let me have your body while you're too sleepy to resist...
A hypnosis file where when you are under, you are visited by spirits, by ghosts that want to touch you, arouse you, tease you, and leave you wound-up.
So, you wanted more, did you. You couldn't get enough of me talking down to you and controlling you, could you. Well. You get what you asked for, pet. Just don't say I didn't warn you of what I'm going to do with you...well, that's if I'm telling the truth. Doesn't matter though, does it? Because you'll do what you're told. Because you are a needy little thing... Contains: confusion, gaslighting, degradation, usage of word “slut”, mantra, overstimulation
So, do me a favor on this one. Have fun (wink wink) at the fantasy of this, not at the instructions. Imagine yourself following the instructions instead of actually doing it. It's presented as something you are supposed to because.... This is from an IRL sessions with someone. I DO NOT expect you to follow through with this, but I wanted to present it as I did IRL. Usually I give CW warning, but this time I'm just flat out saying it-this is about orgasming on the floor and leaving it there, to look at for the rest of the weekend. Definitely a filthy, nasty thing. Degrading. Humiliating. Possessive. Swearing. Etc. Not for everyone, but like I said at the beginning of the year, I wanted to try a whole bunch of different stuff, including this...