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Momsdoor Audio Sex Stories 42

so since we're home so often now I thought it'd be a great opportunity to give Dad a small surprise. My freshly shaven pussy, which turned into a very nice surprise for both of us, since Dad went to town and MY GOSH my clit was so much more sensitive. I think Dad was enjoying himself. We took our time getting started, and enjoying my handy work with Dad going down on me before we moved on to missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, scissor, doggy, standing up missionary, and Dad cumming in missionary legs up. Felt amazing! Dad was so excited (and very turned on) when he saw his surprise, I don't blame him for getting cum all over me. Hope you all are having as great a time today/tonight as Dad and I did ;)
So Dad had a bad day at work, ask if I wanted to help him relax? what he didn’t tell me was he was going to take all he’s frustration out on my c e r v I XD
Dad and I had to be up early for work. so we didn't want to stay up late. we just put the kids to bed about a hour before this, i just couldn't go to sleep tell i had him in side of me. we were trying to be quite but it never stays that way.
the kids are at their grandmas. so we got a little drunk and wanted to spice it up for the night. he also loves the thought of knocking me up btw.
God caught, friends came by to say hello
He was going so deep I almost did make It to the end. hope you guys enjoy!
Finally got to sneak away! After not being able to get together, dad was a bit excited and got a little rough at the end. Can't wait until life settles down and we can let loose a little bit ;) maybe it's time to go back to the Airbnb? Enjoy!
the kids were up, so we decided to hide in the bathroom so my husband could fuck me and play with some toys.
Dad got his present early, I got a cheap Airbnb to show him some love before we had to leave to go see family. Tried teasing him, and sounds like it worked ;) Happy Holidays and New Year Everyone! Let's make 2020 a sexy one
Mom took the lead tonight, we hope you enjoy the sound of sucking dick and mom riding dad. We couldn't help being the goofballs that we are, didn't stop dad from pulling out mom's favorite toy during missionary. Legs behind my head, mom's favorite position (scissor), and finishing in doggy. We had a fun night, we can't wait for you to enjoy it! Dad the editor- hey guys so when mom was done give me a blow job, the phone was still on the bed jostling around while i fucked her. i tried to fix it in the editing process but didn't have much luck :/ kinda worth it though she was taking it deep in her throat most of the time ;)