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Monsieur_deux Audio Sex Stories 12

Who says spooning is boring? A lot of people, apparently, but that doesn't mean it's not lovely sometimes.
I want to give it to you. Do you want it?
Edging seems to be very popular at the moment. I tried it, and now I know why...
In which I return from a ride on my bike, and reward myself by thinking of the kind of ride you might prefer.
In which I describe what we might do, were you down on all fours in front of me.
In which I just have some nice gentle fun, and imagine having you there with me.
I've just finished working out, and as I lie here stretching, I imagine what it would be like if you were with me, and we decided to do some cardio together...
My first attempt at this audio fun, in which I ramble on and get off, eventually.
I took advantage of the last of the sun before winter sets in here, and I took the opportunity to experience some other sensations as well. And then... well, things took the usual turn they do when I'm reclining in the nude...
In which I eschew technology in favour of a more hands-on approach, and reach much the same result. Yay for hands!
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