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Mynameisnotglowstick Audio Sex Stories 27

If Miss Tarkus keeps it up I may keep filling her femboy friday scripts <3 They're a lot of fun! People who are able to actually space in this text box have a lot of talent because I never really have anything meaningful to say other than I really hope you enjoy me moaning for you... anyway I really hope you enjoy me moaning for you! Alright...I'm wearing them right now.
So there I was in Whiterun, absolutely NOT picking Nazeem's pocket when all of a sudden I remember... Hello! I promised this eons ago butt... I was always so afraid. Now, with my voice back after a sore throat, I set out on an adventure for my next audio... Which is what I promised eons ago. That I would use a dildo and record my first time with it for everyone! <3 I hope you enjoy the biggest thing that's been in me ever! <3
Been a while, huh? I saw this script and I felt like I could relate so much I decided to fill it! :) You find your hot, shy friend's audio on his phone, where he recorded himself fantasizing about the things he wish you would do to him. How you would take him, take his virginity, dominate him and more.. It turns out your shy friend is not so innocent afterall :)
So, confessions: whether of lust or of love, they're great, and I think prefacing sexy time with one makes it even more erotic. So your femboy roomate decides to confess to you in your hotel room after the comic convention while you're sleeping. At least, he thinks you're sleeping... ------------------------------ Quarantine is over and I can finally start recording again! I found this cute script written by u/TheGuyBuddy! I hope I was able to do this script justice!
I read the first part on my cakeday. Now I've read this part on my birthday. I didn't plan for it to happen I just wasn't doing anything and I figured I haven't posted anything in a long while now soooooo. Thank you u/TarkusTrooper for the script again! :) Prove it!
Hi! So I just finished finals but I'm still stressed about a lot (or more accurately I'm stressing a lot about a few things). So I thought I'd finally use the fleshlight I've had for so long now. Beware of weird fleshlight noises.
Okay sooo. This is gonna be another exclusive for people who follow me or are subscribed to this subreddit. I bought a chastity cage because it's something I'm into and I also have a vibrator that I was planning on using for a future audio. I thought, "Let's combine the two and see if I can cum while locked up." So I did.
This script was written by u/SubtlestExpression I wanted to try my voice at Mdom again but as I thought it really doesn't do so well compared to my regular msub stuff. But I did try my best so I hope you enjoy <3 Such a pretty little thing you are. Have you gotten lost? Ah I see, you just happened to be exploring the valley and ended up here. You know it’s dangerous in the woods, you never know what creatures lurk about. You said you’re from the Valley of Nysa? That’s quite a ways from here. Now that I see you closer, you have a charming look to you, one that is blessed by Aphrodite, with fair skin and soft eyes. With Irresistible lips...
Depending on the person, spontaneous romance can be the best kind of romance. Maybe it's receiving a care package during a stressful work day. Maybe it's a surprise bubble bath waiting for you at home. Or maybe it's a raunchy ambush at an unexpected time... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm super rusty at audios as I haven't voice acted or recorded any naughty audios in a super really long time so I apologize for any mistakes I may have made. script by: u/fluff-cunningham