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Mysticmommy Audio Sex Stories 84

CREDIT: SCRIPT, EDITING, AND VA1: BY MYSTIC MOMMY VIA YOUTUBE VA2: BY STYXASMR VIA YOUTUBE You are required to be 18+ to view this audio. This audio is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. All production and voices are completed by adults. For adults only.
EXTREME TRIGGER WARNING: Themes of R*PE. Listener is r*pist. If you don’t like that, do not listen to this audio. This audio is acting. All of this is performed by me, and I am perfectly safe and healthy. You have my full consent to enjoy my cries. You go on a date with a girl you’re really into, but she’s really not enjoying herself. You begin drinking slowly making her more and more uncomfortable. When your date is over, you make one last move, trying to get her to come home with you- when she declines you’re filled with rage. CREDIT: liinks.co/mysticmommy
Gunplay - Kidnapped - Yandere - Stalker - Rape The script voice and all sound effects were edited/created by Mystic Mommy. Find my channel, Patreon, and socials all right here: liinks.co/mysticmommy More free full audios on my Discord.
This was a commission, I really wanted to share it publicly for free because I have never done a real audio for my trans folk and i do feel bad about that. It is mainly out of fear of writing something wrong and lack of experience. I also feel as a cis woman I might say something offense or write something offensive i’d be unware of.. anyways hope you like guy. I just wanna also say: There’s a lot of degrading in this so beware if that’s not something you’re into! Love you all c: thank the commissioner for the entire script if you enjoy anything i said lol. Script writer/commissioner: Birtch (She/Her)#5512 on discord.