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Naughtynothings Audio Sex Stories 20

Dirty talking while stroking that cock of yours babe... I want you to cum all over these hard nipples... make me your cumslut!
put your hand on your thick cock for me bring it closer grip your balls in your other hand and grasp them nicely touch the tip of your cock with your finger and rub it back and forth circle your hand around the soft head of it mmmm move your hand down your shaft soooo slowly work it up and down... up and down... (I wish I could lick it) bring that throbbing cock over and rub it between the cheeks of my ass rub your precum against my opening make me back up and open my cheeks to take you in fuuuuuck that feels so good, baby!
This was a super short audio quickie I did for a friend who loves being begged to impregnate and fill up a nice wet pussy.
He didn't know it, but she was about to give him the one birthday wish he never thought he'd get from her...