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Ncyank Audio Sex Stories 39

You climb into bed and wake me up to snuggle. I tell you how beautiful you are, how special you are to me, how sexy you feel. Cuddling turns into whimpers and whines and lusting for you. Kissing then fondling. My whispers get louder and build into legit moans and groans. I’m so lucky to have a wonderful woman like you. I lick and fuck you. My whispers turn into louder groans and pleads.
Guided masturbation playing with only your nipples.
I’m your trusted older and experienced friend. We’ve flirted and you’re nervous about losing your virginity to anyone. You come over. We kiss. I guide us through your first time. Which you enjoyed way more than I anticipated.
You come over for our arranged date. We scheduled perfectly for when you’re at peak ovulation. Only thing is your husband had a go. I use my thick cock and fertile load to push his load out of the way and give you that adorable baby you so desire.
I’ve been sending you flirty messages all day. When you arrive home you walk in on me stroking myself. You’re so turned on that you hop on me for the ride you’ve anticipated all day. After you cum…I take over.
We met in the playground while you were searching for a sperm donor. You invite me over to breed to since your husband has been unable to in 8 years. Fertility treatments are so expensive and you know we are both fertile. We go to your bedroom and create life together….on our very first try.
After a wonderful first date you unexpectedly invite me back to your place. We kiss and it quickly turns into more. You’re far less experienced than me, but that’s precisely why you went out with me in the first place. Your first time being fingered and my skilled hands give you a surprise squirt neither of us thought would happen
We sneak off to a quiet room and attempt quiet sex
I’ve been pushing my body to its limits. I haven’t cum in 4 days and need to make up for it with a double creampie
Friends to lovers story; you come by while I’m watching the game to de-stress after work. I fix you a cocktail, extra ice of course, and before we know it something feels different this time. I quick kiss turns into a longer kiss. The longer kiss turns into me kissing you elsewhere….it’s been a long time coming-but we’re finally lovers. Now lemme get you another cocktail
After edging for a while I slide into your wet pussy to finish myself off…
I simply cannot resist you& your scent, especially when you’re ovulating. The smell, taste and warmth of your pussy when you are I hear brings out the primal alpha male in me and I breed you. Twice. While we are cuddling; I smell you. Then touch and taste you. My tongue swirling around your creamy pussy gets me so hard that I start leaking precum. I climb on top and do what alphas do- breed his woman. My girthy cock stretching your wall as my tip massages your g-spot. I can’t take it anymore and fuck you hard until I spray my thick seed directly onto your cervix and you hold on tight. I linger to keep every drop inside. Only, your waves of orgasms get me hard again. I’m shockingly sensitive and my cum again. Very quickly and insanely intense.
A straight up ramblefap. Wanting us to cum simultaneously….lmk if i succeed
I’m been stroking for a while trying to come up with an audio idea. I can’t take the pressure and teasing any longer. Fast and hard and loud.
All the blood that should be in my brain is in my cock. Mostly moaning and dirty talk-what it lacks in creativity it makes up for with wet sounds
You invite me over to share your birthday cake. You blow out the candle, I wonder what you wished for….. Turns out my wish is precisely the same. We progress from kisses to sex and from friends to lovers.
Lay in the dark with me. Only whispers and breaths as we cuddle, the slow sleepy sex, then drift off to dreamland in my arms
I woke up horny, as usual. Stroked myself with my hand and fleshlight thinking about you
It’s been a while. So long in fact I just can’t resist a quick, hard, desperate and intense session. My shortest audio ever but one of the most intense. I hope you enjoy.