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Neuralnets Audio Sex Stories 45

Pump is a classical bimbo hypnosis file along the lines of Mind Popper, voiced by two women (Schwerd and Kitten Azazel). It sets up a bimbo pump in your mind to suck the thoughts away and push new ones in. The subliminal layer is voiced by Korrupted Innocence. It is very effective. It can be used solo - the name obviously lends itself to masturbation. It’s also minimalist enough to be used by partners during training sessions, or at dungeon parties (presuming consent and risk awareness among all parties.) I would recommend it for these uses. CONTENT WARNING: This content plays with hypnotic themes, without a clear cut opening induction or wakeup. It is made for repeated looping, and as such, it may prove addictive i you’re suggestible. It has themes of permanence. It is deliberately genderfluid, so that it is perfectly effective on ciswomen, transwomen, and submissive men. As such, however, it does invoke some lines about being properly feminine that may have resonances for those very prone to dysphoria. Themes of misogyny and patriarchal obedience run throughout the track. Hopefully, those are received in the kinky spirit in which they are intended. The word Daddy is used several times. Binaurals and subliminals are used throughout.
Edge: Edge is an orgasm denial file designed for repeated listening, enactment, and play at parties. It involves themes of IQ reduction, denial, and public humiliation. It includes recorded actual edging and sex. There is no formal induction or wakeup. Mantric repetition, the signature pop noise, and industrial mind noise are all employed. All apologies to Ladytron for the fair use.
Bimbofication track featuring Kitty Kat, Korrupted Innocence, Kat Planchette, Tits the Wonder Bimbo CW: IQ reduction, servitude, bimbofication, degradation, objectification, mention of “cunt”, deliberately designed as unforgettable mantra earworms, very intense and verified training tool, very heavy subliminals
This is one of the earliest files. I’ve fixed some of the editing errors and added components. I think it is a substantial improvement on a popular classic. Mistress Magenta and Kitty Kat star. This file is a conditioning and hypnotic creation for oral fixation, dumbing down, and servitude. In the many years of its existence, it has been reported as highly effective. It does not have a traditional awakener or induction. It’s designed as an earworm that can actually be used while sucking cock. Although it is highly effective, please remember that no audio file can COMPEL obedience. That is a fantasy. This material is made for mature adults with a firm grasp on the distinction between fantasy and reality. There is no specific target gender. All voices are feminine, although there are some masculine moans.
This audio is one of the Mind Eraser series, designed for repeated listening for those pursuing bimbofication (whether temporary or permanent.) It includes ASMR whispers, suggestions of hyperfemininity, conformity, IQ reduction, and remolded self image. All recordings presume that the listener has already worked out their suggestibility to hypnotic suggestion, and aren't really for novices.
Bounce - Multiple voices, explicit suggestions. Includes the fantasies of objectification, breast play, iq lowering, mindlessness, sensation play, compulsion for exhibitionism, increased sensitivity in breasts, making breasts a trigger for mindlessness and sexual pleasure. The effects of the file are meant to be addictive and may strongly affect thoughts and actions outside of trance. Listen at your own risk.
Mind Eraser 2 Mind melting layered track with multiple voices, ASMR, overt sexual noises. Involves the fantasies of mindlessness, iq lowering, objectification, addiction to fellatio, and loss of identity. The effects of the file are meant to be addictive and may strongly affect thoughts and actions outside of trance. Listen at your own risk!
Lollipop - Mind melting layered track with multiple voices and overt sexual sounds. Involves fantasies of oral fixation, addiction to giving oral sex, mindlessness, iq lowering, patriarchy, objectification. The effects of the file are meant to be addictive and may strongly affect thoughts and actions outside of trance. Listen at your own risk.
Mind Popper - Mind melting layered track with multiple voices, and binaural beats. Involves the fantasies of IQ lowering, mindlessness, obedience, submission, promiscuity, objectification. The effects of the file are meant to be addictive and may strongly affect thoughts and actions outside of trance. Listen at your own risk.
iMoan describes and enacts: phone as a trigger for submission and IQ reduction, including illiteracy and innumeracy gaslighting technology-based brainwashing public humiliation brainwashing via isolation and repetition in a "Pink Room" exhibitionism It ties these effects and triggers to standard iphone alert sounds. As such, it is intense stuff. Please listen responsibly.
Display Loop involves mantric repetition, with strong suggestions of obedience, addiction, and induced self-display. The binaurals are custom. The voices are original. As with all files, good mental health and a strong sense of self are essential to listening. If you are immediately hypnotically suggestible - such that you'll do what it says with no critical filter - this probably isn't a good place for you.
Mouth - Mind melting layered track with multiple voices, overt sucking sounds. Involves the fantasies of oral fixation, addiction, slavery, patriarchal themes, triggers to suck, mindlessness, iq lowering, objectification and euphoria. The effects of the file are meant to be addictive and may strongly affect thoughts and actions outside of trance. Listen at your own risk
CW: this file uses video game sounds and themes to piggyback on existing compulsions and rewards. If you have addictive gaming behavior, please be careful. Verbal suggestions include but are not limited to submission, obedience, and dependence on a close circle of “heal sluts.” Voices include Magenta, Mind Melted Maiden, Teddi, Daisy, Dixie, Aurora, and Mercy. Apologies and corrections for any omissions.
Mind melting layered track with voices. Includes the fantasies of patriarchy, submissiveness, traditional gender roles, objectification, arousal, iq lowering, exhibitionism. The effects of the file are meant to be addictive and may strongly affect thoughts and actions outside of trance. Listen at your own risk.
This track is one of the Evelynn modules. The demoness from League of Legends seduces, hypnotizes, and enslaves the listener. The introduction is available in the Patreon history! Since this series is in a modular format, it enables a broader range of gender preferences and fetishes. Mistress Magenta is the voice for all of the Evelynn modules (combined with remixed audio from gameplay.) This particular module is geared toward a male hands-free orgasm. There are a couple of references to “good boy” – and more frequent descriptions of cock stroking, sucking, and vaginal penetration. Consistent pulsing noises, isochronic tones, and binauralized vocals guide the listener toward a climax in service to the character. Themes include subservience, mindlessness, dependence on Evelynn, and conditioning the listener to think of Evelynn during every orgasm. There is a clearly marked induction. It operates through focus, thought clearing, and progressive relaxation. There is no clearly marked awakener, so be sure to set an alarm if you are prone to repetitive listening, or “looping.” Several chants toward the end constitute a “mindworm”- they’re designed to stick in your memory. If you find that these sorts of chants affect you, please exercise appropriate caution. Listeners of my audio generally have reported very strong conditioning effects. This particular subject material merits two additional warnings. First – Evelynn is a demoness. She is an evil character, designed to seduce and destroy. Any implied gentleness is a deceptive part of the character. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the video game series combines two potentially addictive behaviors. The existing compulsive behavior of video gaming might well be reinforced by sexual conditioning. Conversely, the pre-existing “hooks” from video games may amplify the sexual conditioning effects. I am not here to criticize fans of erotic hypnosis or gamers, but both behaviors can potentially consume far too much time and energy if they’re indulged to excess. In all things, attempt to exercise INTENTIONALITY – decide what it is you want to do, and what you feel constitute the healthiest limits for you.
This is five minutes of an extended 20 minute mix. It is designed to tie the process of working out with headphones to hypnotic subordination and obedience. It’s mixed over sampled EDM backbeats, with original instrumental additions. It’s upbeat and poppy, but transitions into spacier hypnotic suggestion later in the track. There is no formal induction and no waking up section. All voices are female. The actresses for the full version are PRINCESS PETRA, Tink, Bliss, Aurora, Erin, Dixie, Bouncy Bubbly, Korrupted Innocence, Fiona, and Molly. The target audience is also feminine, so “peer pressure” is potentially part of the dynamic. Potentially objectionable themes include enforced body image, obedience to suggested male authority figures, sexual subordination, promiscuity, exhibitionism, and intellectual reduction. Several additional content warnings are in order, given the nature of the track. First, be healthy! The implications of addiction and mind control in the context of working out could - if taken very literally – lead to unhealthy behavior. If you work out, do so according to your comfort level, with the consultation of your physician. One section of the file ties “pain” to training. This is a callback to classic slogans such as “no pain, no gain.” Those classic slogans aren’t very good advice, though. If something hurts while you are working out, you should attend to that! Secondly, body image – particularly female body image – is used here as a kink concept. That isn’t an endorsement. In actuality, enforced beauty standards are bad. They promote unhealthy behavior, they’re tied to gender and racial and class subordination, and they’re utterly unrealistic. Most beauty standards are now enforced by manipulated photographic images. Straining to look like a photoshopped model is a particular sort of obedience. I don’t endorse it. I condemn it, much as I’d condemn many of the practices described in my work. We explore dark realities through kink, but the kink fantasy itself should never be conflated with our actual lives. Third, many of the listeners to my audio work have described the experience as addictive sexual conditioning. If you feel that’s accurate, this track certainly fits the bill. It develops its own audio vocabulary to tie dumbing down and working out to reward and praise. The effect is accelerated with instrumentals that parallel classic video game noises, adding another level of potentially addictive behavior to the experience. Please exercise appropriate caution and safeties. If you feel that the intellectual reduction themes are affecting you – take a break! Be cautious about repeated listening. If you find the experience immersive, please consider wakeup activities such as Sudoku or Lumosity. Intellectual exercise helps the process of “compartmentalization” – dividing your fantasy experience from your day to day life. Let me know if you have any further questions.
This file is voiced by female dominant Huntress. Additional blowjob support from Mistress Magenta, giggle support from Aurora, Kat, and Korrupted Innocence. It's masturbation instruction, with heavy bass and binaurals. The target audience is male. The dominant encourages you to stroke yourself brainless. She reveals that she's a brainless pleasure puppet as well, devoted to making others into puppets just like her. CW: humiliation, mindlessness, masturbation, orgasm control
This file combines petplay and enslavement/obedience themes. Implied maledom, femsub, crawling, leasing, begging, orgasm control. There is no clearly defined induction point or wakeup.
Warm Wet Waves - Mind melting layered track with multiple voices, binaurals, and water sounds and imagery. Involves the fantasies of mindlessness, euphoria, slavery, unspecified amnesia, and forgetting numbers. The effects of the file are meant to be addictive and may strongly affect thoughts and actions outside of trance. Listen at your own risk.
Ahegao and hentai erotic mind control narrative. All female voices - specifically Althea Moonstone, Aurora, Bliss, Korrupted Innocence, and Ring of Kees. Geared to all audience genders; heavy femsub kink. This is very EDM with hypnotic sections.