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Noisesoff5 Audio Sex Stories 50

self-explanatory! i'm the owner / creator of everything i upload, don't re-distribute without my permission, and all that jazz.
i took a poll, and this scene was the winner. the scene is this: i am your sub, you are my domme. i've been curious about giving another guy a blowjob and you've arranged an opportunity for me. i am the creator of all content i upload. all rights reserved. do not re-distribute without my permission.
this is the first of a multi-part series i will be releasing of a story/fantasy i'll be making up as i go along. if you have downloaded this from another source, please do not re-distribute without my permission.
well, i was trying to do a roleplay where we're about to say goodbye, and i wanted you to fuck me before that happens. i also am experimenting with a hitachi for the first time... the result is more background noise than i expected, but, i hope you enjoy anyway.