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Nothingbutagirl Audio Sex Stories 42

I have a pretty serious oral fixation or maybe it's an obsession, or both? Unfortunately I can't seem to articulate precisely why when I start touching myself and trying to tell you. Alas, I'm posting it anyway. Chances are, this will be done again and again, until I get it right.
Daddy and I like to take a lot of little day trips. When we do, he likes to watch and listen to me squirm while I am teased in the passenger seat. There is a reward if I am a good girl and don't cum before we get to our destination. Take a ride with us and see if I get my reward?
This is a bit different from my usual posts. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little. All improv, I hope you enjoy my first attempt at a rape scenario. I was so excited for my special night with Daddy. I followed all of Daddy's instructions and was ready for him when he came home. I wasn't ready for him to ignore my safe word, repeatedly.
Trying to work through an audio idea this morning with little progress other than it making me very wet and needy. Hope you enjoy.
I listened to some audios while out shopping. The only logical to do when I got home was grab the Hitachi, mic up and start counting.