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Nursemoo Audio Sex Stories 34

A gender neutral hypnosis file that lets the listener experince being milked like a cow no specific parts mentioned so gender neutral and after the session you are instructed to drift off to sleep enjoy!
My longest file yet Become a cowgirl with huge udders while under As i make you moo you mind to milk and extract it from your udders
a new verion of my last file becoma a giant breasted hucow that gets milked until they are nothing but moos includes binural beats
Involves real hypnosis/eding while asleep/falling asleep after the file Now let me lull you down and have some fun with ya~
Tiffany was told to visit her local potion shop before starting her job at the dairy plant. This odd request turns out to be a scheme to turn her into a mindless cow girl, with massive lactating breasts, perfectly suited for her new role.
For 5 hugs you can get your own kobold to dom!
cw: mind control, forced orgasam, and implied future victims can you withstand the millenium didldo? i think not!
A file where i make you feel like your stress is milked out (among other obvious things)