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Overfilledcreampuff Audio Sex Stories 43

Script by u/Buttercream_Angel. Description: A Himbo is dared by his frat brothers to go sneak up behind a certain girl in the library and grab her boobs. Mistakenly he thinks they mean the nerdy BBW and follows the plan. But she is the one to give HIM a surprise.
A unique script by u/ash_bishop. Listener Summary You and your husband are staying at a hotel. It’s your first night away from your children, one still nursing. While getting ready for bed, you get out your pump to do one last pumping session, only to discover you left the machine’s electrical cord at the airport, where you last pumped hours ago. You can get a new cord in the morning, but not only are you already in some discomfort, you’re worried your supply will take a dip if you don’t pump on time. You express all this to your husband after he gets off the phone with the airport, but you want to ask for more than just comforting hug and kiss, and you’re struggling to tell him that you want to send him to bed with a full stomach… Pet Names Used: sweetheart, sweetie, princess, baby
Thanks to u/SunbirdNova for sharing her script! Synopsis: You're teaching your partner how to properly decorate a cake for his brother's birthday. Usually it's a pretty quick process for you. However, your partner easily gets distracted. Especially with you and sweets involved. This harmless little lesson on cake decorating was bound to not work out. You're not complaining though. He's the sweetest distraction you could ever ask for.
A lovely script from u/SapphireHibiscus Summary: You’re in a fairly new relationship and sex hasn’t exactly been discussed despite having some heated moments. You’re a bit scared to talk about your own kinks because, well, femdom isn’t exactly widely accepted as a thing and you REALLY like this girl. Of course you know that if she shows disgust then she isn’t the one for you, but you’re still scared. You were definitely going to tell her one day, but you just didn’t want to spring it on her all of a sudden. Soon enough you need to get off and a little femdom porn never hurt anybody. Until you get caught and your heart almost chokes you as it jumps to your throat.
This is a script by u/RightBitofKit that I did by special request. Scenario: You end up sitting next to your ex on your way into work in the morning. In disbelief, you invite her back to your place for dinner and end up confessing that you’ve been waiting to see her again. Link to Script:https://www.reddit.com/r/GWAScriptGuild/comments/ve5j9t/m4fscript_offer_when_im_still_in_love_with_you/
Another improv, this time involving the relationship between a sick wife, her best friend, and her husband. Summary: Three years ago your best friend developed an illness that makes completing even the most basic tasks incredibly challenging, including satisfying the sexual needs of her cute, loving, submissive, loyal husband. More than anything, she just wants to know that he's being taken care of and given all of the love and attention he deserves, and that's where you come in...
Some extra naughty improv to help ring in the New Year. Summary: Your sub has been stepping out of line a lot recently, and with New Years coming up you thought it would be a good time to help set him straight and remind him who's in charge. After walking in on him masturbating without permission, you offer him an ultimatum: on New Year's Eve he has to do everything (and everyone) you ask him to do, but if he refuses you're going to lock him in chastity for all of 2023.
Script by u/UWC69: https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/xyw8mw/m4f_boyfriends_big_secret_script_offer_bfe/ Premise: The weather has been great lately and you (the listener) have suggested multiple times to your hot new boyfriend that the two of you hang out at the beach. He's resisted up until now, using a bunch of vague, weak excuses. Once you pin him down on it and get him out there, it isn't long before you find out why he was reluctant for so long.
Another Halloween script, this time by u/badbreadpuns Summary: You were captured and locked in a dungeon. A fellow prisoner, a handsome minotaur, breaks you out of your chains. As the two of you search for a way out, you quickly fall for the attractive bull man.
Some improv I did for those of you who still think about that old high school romance.
I was in a mood today. Just me rambling about this girl I really like.
Some improv for this sinful Sunday! Summary: It's Sunday, and your dad, the town's minister, is giving another one of his "famous" sermons. Since you get enough of his lecturing at home, you decide to sneak away to have a little time for yourself, only to find one of your dad's friends occupying the same stockroom you were hoping to hide out in. He's cute and confident--maybe a little too confident--so you decide to teach him a lesson and show him that the minister's daughter isn't so innocent after all...
It's time for a little Holiday cheer, and what better way to celebrate Christmas than with almost an hour of improvised erotica? Summary: Due to unforeseen circumstances, you find yourself with some last-minute Christmas shopping to do, which means a day filled with long lines, noisy crowds, and difficult decisions, like what gift card design your coworker will like best. The good news is that you won't have to do it alone. In fact, your husband plans on doing everything he can to make the experience somewhat enjoyable. And even if he does get a tad...distracted from time to time, you know that Christmas with him will always have a happy ending!
This script is from the lovely u/shutuplaika: https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/vg1x53/script_offer_m4f_autopilot_established/ Performer summary: You’ve been working late nights on a project that’s been keeping you in the office, and you’ve barely gotten to see your girlfriend over the last few weeks. Upon getting home, you notice that she isn’t quite her usual self, as if she’s stuck on autopilot. You decide to help take care of her and give her what she really needs. Listener summary: Your boyfriend has been coming home late from the office for the last few weeks and you’re like ships passing in the night. All you’ve done is cook, clean, make sure your partner keeps on top of what he needs to and rinse & repeat. You’ve accidentally set yourself into this routine and your brain seems to switch to autopilot from the second you get out of bed until the second you get back in. Your boyfriend finally takes notice and decides to help you switch off for the evening.
Some workplace improv I did. Summary: Your cute, young, inexperienced, timid colleague asks you for help on a project one day, but instead of helping him with the project, you decide to teach him a lesson about how to get what you want in life.
I'm home sick today and was inspired by a conversation I had with u/Ivedonethattoo. Performer Synopsis: Sore and tired after pushing himself too hard the day before, the speaker promises his significant other that he'll do anything she wants in exchange for a little love and affection, and maybe a backrub too. However, he soon realizes that he shouldn't make promises he's not willing to keep. Listener Synopsis: You know your significant other's neediness is the result of his own stupidity, so even though you care for him and want to make him feel good, you also want to punish him for being such an idiot, especially after he starts making promises you know he won't keep. So you spend the day caring for him, while also teasing and denying him to teach him a lesson you hope he won't forget.
Haven't had much time to record as of late, but had an idea that I didn't want to forget, so here's some improv for those of you who always hated doing group projects in school. Speaker's Perspective: It's a week before finals, and you have a big group project due at the end of the semester. However, knowing the professor grades on a curve, one of the members of your group decides that sabotage offers the best chance at getting an "A" in the class. After the professor calls you into his office for a private meeting, you discover that she not only took credit for the work other group members had completed, she also accused you of attempting to cheat, and even though you deny the accusations, you can tell the professor is skeptical. Upon returning to your dorm room, you're surprised to discover her there waiting for you. She says she wants to apologize. It turns out she's always had a crush on you. Even though you once felt the same way, you decide that she crossed a line, and it's time for revenge...
This is an experimental audio for all the switches out there who can just never seem to make up their minds. I recorded two audios, one from a dominant perspective and one from a less dominant perspective, and then spliced them together. The basic idea was to capture the often competing/paradoxical feelings and urges we have. Summary: The speaker is in love with a woman he's been talking to online, a woman who is already engaged to be married, and he's struggling to process the feelings and emotions that go along with it.
An Msub to Mdom script by u/obxidienne: https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/ytzeff/m4f_ive_always_been_your_good_boy_but_tonight/ Summary: You are a successful business professional. Women admire and envy you. Men fear and respect you. You never fail to deliver. You always succeed at conquering difficulties at your work. You always end up winning. It seems like it most of the time. You're dominant, in life, in your work and in your relationship with your loving Sub. One day, you go back home from a business trip tired, exhausted and on the verge of a breakdown; your sub notices and he decides to step in and help you relax.