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Paulu90 Audio Sex Stories 16

Howdy, decided to do a spanish version of a ramble fap, for all the ladies out there who love a sexy spanish accent. Might do an english version for those interested.
Kudos to u/nicetryenigma for providing this neat script (https://pastebin.com/364JV0BR). This one is for anyone who is struggling with anxiety and just wants to feel relaxed and comforted. When you don't really want to talk to anyone but still crave that validation from someone. But now in Español! Espero que disfrutes!
You're a little brat and recently daddy hasn't been taking care of your needs as much as he should be so you start summing all over his clothes and other possessions so that he smells like you in case any other girls get any ideas. Then finally while he's sleeping you lock a cock ring onto him so that he can't get soft, and has to come do whatever you want and beg to be released.
So the teacher calls you in to his office because a student saw you doing some "naughty" activities in the stall in the bathroom and I come up with an alternative solution...
Hey my first script fill. Script by u/Belle_in_the_woods It got a bit choppy during the middle and mind you, I'm feeling a bit sniffly, I hope you ladies enjoy anyway!
Hey there ladies, decided to record another audio! Let me know your thoughts! As always, this script was by Belle_in_the_woods! Shoutout to her!