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Peachesandme Audio Sex Stories 36

You come to me for a... little lesson. (Requested by a lovely anon on my Tumblr. Hope you enjoy ;3) Script: https://pastebin.com/EBcHgqqU
Helping you study your science mumbojumbo ----------- A sort of thank you, I suppose. Original Script.
Two word challenge originally done by u/Wldgrl on Reddit. Ramblefap. Might want to turn your volume down at first, just to be safe.
I try a short, little two word ramble fap again, this time on the more domme side. Enjoy ;) ps: you may hear rain the background
You and your orgasms belong to me. Do you deserve one this time? ---------- Script: pastebin.com/FkgwrDfv
Hozier plays in the background while Catholic Guilt consumes me. -------- Vague mentions of homophobia from parents. Script: https://pastebin.com/a8N1bW3x
You're the quiet one, I'm the loud one. What happens when we get together? -------- Some swearing. Another lovely anon request fulfillment. Original script.
Babygirl calls her daddy because she's horny and she knows he said no touching, but where's the fun in being good all the time?
I have some questions for my lesbian friend and she guides me in the right direction Script link: https://pastebin.com/KQMDTbYk
Part one of a series I'm working on, title inspired by "Now I'm Here" by Queen Original Script
I don't know if anyone will like this but, after all these recordings, I need to let off some steam. Some light editing because dogs bark, but overall just me, my vibrator, PornHub, and you. Please forgive my needy rambling.
Really, only I'd be stupid enough to wear white to the club. --------- Request fill, new sound effect experiment. Original script.
A college student accidentally sends an erotic fiction she wrote about her professor instead of her assignment. He requests to speak with her in his office.