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Penpal4jenny Audio Sex Stories 133

I wanted to put a really positive wholesome spin to this kink. So, here's just an audio about a sweet, lazy morning and some oral from the dog. I've never really done a beastiality audio in the classic 2nd person audio format, but I figured I'd try. I really mean the zoophilia tag too. I recently learned beastiality and zoophilia are not try synonyms. Zoophilia is a true love of animals including sexual, beastiality is just sexual. So there's a little today I learned on an audio that straddles vanilla and taboo. I hope you enjoy
Everyone knows how frustrating it is to wake up all cozy and warm, and need to get out of bed to go pee. I figured I'd do an audio bases on that, except not actually getting up. Just a warning there are a few moments were there's some shaming and humiliation, but it's padded with lots of love and praise before and after. I was still very groggy when I made this and lost my voice a few times in the audio, I hope you don't mind.