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Pickyourpoisonaudios Audio Sex Stories 37

My very first script fill! Script written by u/MyNameMadeYouSmiley :) There were some sound effects that were called for but I didnt do any of them. Kinda just ran with the dialogue. sorry! Anyways, i enjoyed this. I got to be a little dramatic and a whole lotta crazy so i hope you like cuz i had fun! Also, sorry about the louder parts...i get a little dramatic. LOL. Synopsis: You've got kidnapped by this crazy girl you used to go to school with back in the day. She is in an obsessively deep love with you - something you never knew. She's also not the shy and quiet girl anymore that you used to know.. now it's a whole different person. She is hot, and more confident. She has been looking for you for years.. and today she will make you love her back, even if it's by force..
My first Domme audio!! I completely freestyled it so please be nice LOL. i was really scared to share this. Basically, I you try to seduce me in an effort to get me to stay away from my boyfriend, but instead of giving in I dominate you! hope you subby boys out there enjoy! Thinking of doing another version of this audio where I actually give in to you...MMM.
CW: degradation...like...alot of it. i call you a whole bunch of names ("bitch boy" "bitch" "slut" "whore" "pathetic" etc), PEGGING, spanking, mommy calling, toe sucking/licking, worshipping me at my feet like a "goddess", i'm lowkey laughing at you at one point but it's only for a little bit lol. idk. i'm not very nice in this audio. i mean the last 25 seconds i'm nice but that's it LOL. Basically, you've been cumming without me...and I don't like it. This was originally a custom request for one of my patrons, but i re-recorded it and took their name out of it for the rest of you guys. here you go! www.patreon.com/pickyourpoisonaudios
okay so...i recorded this when i was in a pretty deep subspace so i'm not sure if it's any good lmfao. i hope you enjoy it but if not, pls don't tell me LOL. :') also i'm pretty sure i'm geting sick sooooo i don't sound the best. but i had to get this out of my system. love y'all. audio here <3
felt naughty & wanted to record something. thought this script would be fun. Enjoy <3 script by u/noidthrowaway2gwa You just got home from a two-week trip. After welcoming you home, your girlfriend admits that she missed you in more ways than one... www.patreon.com/pickyourpoisonaudios