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Playinginthedark Audio Sex Stories 13

So I interviewed three babysitters today, and being a single 42 y/o man, I couldn't help but think about what it would be like if this was a world that worked like my head did... Masturbation, cumming twice, going down on you, blowjob, tits, switching to a little more less in charge, really fun time for me, I hope you enjoy... I thrive on your feedback, so please let me know what you think! It's your comments and suggestions that keep me going: or maybe that is what keeps me cumming!!
You are my good little girl for this session! Lots of titty love, titfuck, cum in mouth, cum play, fucking, missionary, cowgirl, cumming on my cock, cumming inside of you, you are my good girl, you are my naughty girl, and you love it!
In this audio, I am interrupted by the daughter of the man who is dating my Mom. Possible step-sister, but not mentioned much if at all. Undressing, panty play, titty-fuck, a little oral, cum on tits, big orgasm for me.... To be continued! Please be gentle, I am very new at this. Also, I am very sorry for the little interruptions from my phone. I am blind, so have the voice-over turned on to know what the hell I'm doing, but haven't gotten good enough at editing yet to fix it. Please forgive me...
In this audio, you come up to my room after seeing me at the "social function." downstairs at our hotel. You won't tell me who you are because it excites you that I don't know who you are because I cannot see you. Oral, fucking, big orgasm, titty-fucking, to be continued!
Just some rambling thoughts concerning my love of going down on you! I truly love it... I think about you all day and cannot wait until I can taste you again. Can I please?
Just waking up and masturbating for you. A lot of thanks and a little begging "maybe?" at the end. Very explosive orgasm. Appreciation of your listening to me...
Woke up way too early this morning, so I thought I'd masturbate for you and maybe go back to sleep. Not sure how good of an audio it is, but here you go! Let me know if you love it or hate it or anything in between!
So I thought I had uploaded a file for verification, but... I uploaded the wrong file! Sorry 'bout that!