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Pomegranate_aloe Audio Sex Stories 84

“What am I gonna do with you? I guess that’s a fair question. Well, I’m gonna take care of you, I’m gonna love you, I’m gonna make you love me back, and that’s about it. Of course, that is if you’re good… If you start acting up, I might have to add some other things to the agenda… It’d just be little things, you know, to train you. To make you good for me. To make you perfect for me. And then, of course, if that doesn’t work, I might have to get a bit more extreme, but I’m sure you won’t make me do that, will you?”
This is a fill of a script by u/MyDirtySecr3t Scriptwriter’s Summary: You've (VA) been holding in your pee for the last hour of the roadtrip when he (Listener) finally pulls into a Target parking lot. Unfortunately for you, there’s a few more things in the way before you can relieve yourself... your body bending to his will, he proceeds to use and fuck you until you piss yourself.
This is a fill of a script by u/Yes-Mum Summary: You’re driving your daughter home after a few drinks with her friends. Unbeknownst to her, you’ve drugged her, making her lose the ability to move. You use her body in the car, despite her pleas.
This is a fill of a script by u/lambchopperchto. Scriptwriter’s summary: “Your best friend is destroying you at video games, yet again. It's just so easy with her - your crush on her is getting out of control. You think she's adorable even if she's a bit rough around the edges. Wait, she just admitted she likes you?”
This is a fill of a script by u/Weak_Plant_3431 “I know you want to be used. And fucked with Mommy’s cock. So, we’ll cut to the chase and I’m just going to do it. You’re going to be a good fucking slut for me.”
My first private script fill! The author of this script chose to remain anonymous. Summary: A very sweet, sensual session, exploring your foot fetish at the kink clinic.
I don’t even live in America, it’s not even the 4th yet, but I can’t resist helping a catboy in need. This is a fill of a script by u/RavenBranwensgoodboy. Summary from the Scriptwriter: “You are a cat boy, disturbed by the fireworks on the 4th of July. Your mistress finds you crying in the corner. She comforts you and reminds you she'll always protect her kitten. She takes you to her bed and begins to pet you and kiss you. You rub against her and purr, staring at your beautiful mistress. You desperately want help going to sleep, and your mistress has aroused you. You are surprised when your mistress gives you your wish... you get to fuck your mistress!? She smiles as she guides you inside her and takes your virginity.”
This is a fill of a script by u/ToasterChanLoveBaths Summary: A human (the listener) has befriended a succubus. Too afraid of what would happen, he rejects her flirtations and advances, but she keeps trying. One day, he tells her he’ll be moving away, but she won’t let that happen. Luckily for him though, she has become quite fond of him, and won't fall for her carnal desire to consume him, body and soul. No, she has something else in mind. She kidnaps him, ties him up and milks him with a milking machine. That way, he can produce for her without having sex with her directly, as that would drain his soul. Instead, she milks him with the machine and keeps him hard by teasing him, kissing him, and making him drink her saliva, as succubus saliva is an aphrodisiac.
This is a fill of a script by u/TeasedToTears “So, right about now, you are wondering what exactly it is I am trying to tell you… Well, I'll tell you. I gave her an ultimatum. I told her it was you or me… Whether or not you get to stay is now up to me. So, if you want to keep your girlfriend, you are going to have to do as I say from now on… From this moment on, you obey me.”
This is a fill of a script by u/ElbyWritesAgain Author’s Notes: “Welcome back to yet another instance of Elby posting the most absurdly niche weird content on the planet for no reason other than to satiate his unending desire to be degraded by pretty women!!! In today's addition: Aftercare that is LITERALLY just a constant barrage of insults lmao…. I wanted to make something for the emotionally constipated girlies… that might care for their partners in different ways than with words of affirmation; in this case physical affection mixed with a barrage of playful (but VERY intense) insults. It's definitely not gonna be for everyone, but that's okay! Just mind the tags (I'm seriously not playing about the amount of insults here) and I think you'll be alright”
This is a fill of a script by u/TeasedToTears Scriptwriter’s Summary: “Woman reflects on her deepening relationship, as she uses his foot fetish to drive him deeper and deeper into denial, frustration, and ultimately cuckolding.”
This is a fill of a script by u/TeasedToTears Summary: Movie night with your friend/crush takes an unexpected turn when she discovers you’re wearing a chastity cage and is kind of into it… but not into you. Her boyfriend, David, is going to love hearing about this.
A few quotes I think convey the tone of the audio: “It’s a special day, so I wanted to make an audio to commemorate it, I guess.” “It just feels really good to have something—oh fuck—so deep inside me.” “I know like, 6 inches is, I don’t know, at least for like, porn/on the internet, not very long, but like it’s- it’s kind of like, almost too much… this is um, like… perfect.”
This is a fill of a script by u/LateStageInfernalism Scriptwriter’s Summary: “This is the story of a very unusual seduction by a woman who absolutely needs to be taken.”
This is a fill of a script by u/SuccubusWriter Scriptwriter’s Summary: “Your girlfriend greets you in the morning once you've finished making your breakfast, and it's immediately apparent she's in quite a mood. You try to postpone the fun after you've eaten, but she's adamant in having you immediately.”