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Praise_moth Audio Sex Stories 57

Summary: You're not sure how or why, but a member of the cheerleading squad (and a very hot one at that) laid her eyes on you. Ever since then, she's been using you to relieve her sexual needs, basically turning you into her fucktoy. Not that you mind, of course. Today, you went to see her practice, hoping to spend some time with her afterwards... More Tags:
Summary: You've been wanting your girlfriend to be a meaner, rougher domme, but she has other plans. She wants you to feel like the prettiest angel boy<3 just because you're you! You deserve the best and she's gonna give you that, with a little twist! More Tags:
Summary: This is your first bikini try on haul, a brand just send you some clothes and for the first time you have to try on swimsuits and bikinis for your social media. You're very nervous so you asked your friend to come over because you want that confidence and you love to be praised, that's why you like social media.