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Primebrattykitten Audio Sex Stories 59

Can you just take me home? This Best Friends script is from the mind of u/ThomIntrigue Summary from the writer: It's the end of the semester at your college, and you and your best friend finish up your last final together. To celebrate, you head out to eat. A revelation from you dismantles the happy outing, driving your friend to tears. Another shocking confession reveals passionate, repressed feelings, leading to one amazing night for the best friends.
Chillin’ in your boxers, huh? Nice. Mind if I strip down to my underwear too? Sweet, dude. I’m glad we can be comfortable with each other like this. This script is by u/throwawayfella99 Summary from the writer: Your roommate comes home from a shopping trip to see you in your underwear. She strips down too and eventually finds out you planned on watching some porn and whacking off before she got there. Not wanting to spoil your fun, she tells you to go ahead and helps you out a little… Ah, another roommates to lovers/fwb script. Someone did request more roomie content so here you are!
But maybe you liked punishing me? Maybe you’ll want to do it again… Mind the Tags This script is by u/gowonzu2scripts Summary from the writer: Listener comes home early to find their roommate/best friend masturbating on his bed. She admits that she’s a ‘filthy pervert’ and thinks it’s only fair that the listener punishes her. Roommate is written to be perverted, crazy and self degrading. She is obsessed with the listener, to borderline Yandere levels and has fully embraced her perverse ways, is scared/nervous when caught but quickly returns to perverse once she realises that theirs no escape.
Oh, you’re a dom? Fucking prove it. u/bleedingjupiter and u/MeRBrat wrote such a fun script, I couldn’t pass it up! Thank you both for this gift! Summary from the writers: You have invited your best friend to a fun night in, a regular hang out for the both of you. She tells you about another one of her date stories, only for an argument to arise in which she calls you too submissive. She says you can’t even facefuck her. Can you prove her wrong? “If you’re gonna prove me wrong you’re gonna let me blow you. If you are a dom, like you’ve been saying, you’ll have the balls to fuck my face. Otherwise, you’ll forever be known in the eyes of your best friend that you’re a shy little sub.”
Microtransactions…am I right? This script is by u/canon69 Summary from the writer: Your roommate finds you playing the mobile game you always play, and wants to watch since she doesn't get why you play mobile games instead of 'real games'. When she discovers you pay real money for micro transactions/loot boxes, she roasts you for it, but asks why you won't take a chance on her instead Oh my god, I can't believe my roommate is a whale in a fucking mobile game. Where did you even get all this money to waste on loot boxes? Actually, maybe I don't want to know. Man, screw these loot boxes. Why don't you take a chance on me instead?
I know it’s been years but please pretend I’m your girlfriend for five minutes. This script is by u/AggravatingRead Summary from the writer: The Performer is a woman who runs into an annoying co-worker. She spots the Listener (her crush and former friend) and quietly begs him to pretend to be her boyfriend. They go on a fake date but discover very real feelings for each other. Would you pretend to be my boyfriend if I needed you to? After taking an unexpected week off…We’re back!
You just have to break… u/lilbrat91 is back to treat us to the script of our favorite discord couple finally together! M voice brought to you by u/NotSoSilentStranger Summary from the writer: You and your discord fwb are finally together. And the tension has to break, doesn't it? Names used: F to M - Daddy, Baby, You Idiot F - Your Property (Self referentially.) M to F - Princess, Baby, Sweetheart, You idiot, Baby, Brat, Slut, Fucktoy, I am so sad to see this lovely series come to an end, (for now maybe…) but this Discord couple will be forever in my heart
Hey, you're the one who came to a PUNK WAFFLE HOUSE and couldn't take shit. Pussy like the rest of them. This script is by u/ThrowawayToUrWitcher Summary from the writer: You're a waitress at a seedy Punk Waffle House on the outskirts of town. You're bored out of your mind; just you and the cook, who's having cocaine shits in the bathroom. And then a guy walks in after having closed a bar down at 3 am, and you decide to see if he can handle your shit.
I'm going to fuck nurse you back to health! This script is brought to you by: u/Hex_en Summary from the writer: You've come down with something, so you're resting in bed when your S.O. comes in to check on you. When she hears you've caught something she's curiously excited and runs off shortly after... Only to return dressed up as your personal naughty nurse! Names Used: Sir, Baby
I don’t like sports, I like you This script is by u/lilbrat91 and u/InYourGaze Summary from the writers: A sweet friends to lovers with a gentle femdom feel. Name used: Good boy, Sweet boy, Baby, One playful use of idiot
You wanna go goth? And you want me to teach you? This script is by u/undercookedtomatoes Summary from the writer: You’ve always had a small crush on the goth girl who lives a few doors down from you. While you only see each other a few times a week in the hall or elevator, your conversations are always pleasant! After she tells you a bit about her life in the goth scene, you feel interested in joining. One evening while watching horror movies, you hear her shouting at her phone in the hallway, and you poke your head out to ask what’s going on. It seems her friend has backed out of their evening plans, and now she’s totally free…
Hey neighbor, can I bother you for a cup of sugar? This script is by u/kingkxrina Summary from the writer: You might be the best damn pie maker in the county, but somehow you always run out of sugar when you really need it. Lucky for you, your new neighbor who moved in next door is always happy to let you borrow some sugar in exchange for a few samples of your best desserts. You can’t help but be extra sweet on him, with how kind he is to you. Sometimes you’ll catch him staring, and you think he might be a bit sweet on you too. Because sometimes, he looks at you like he wants a taste of more than just your delicious pies…
Oh. My. God. I can’t believe you caught me touching myself… Summary: You get back from your date to find your babysitter fingering herself and moaning daddy. Then you find out she wants to call you daddy. Names used: For Listener: Sir, Daddy A little art imitating life as I babysit for family sometimes. Part 2?
I look so much better, but inside I got ugly. This lovely script finds us from u/unrealun Summary from the writer: He helped her find beauty. But dazzled by the popularity he helped her achieve; she neglected him until it was too late. Or was it? I feel *terrible* about how I've been treating you. I've been beastly. I *have* taken you for granted. You're the nicest, sweetest man I've ever known. Name used: Daddy.
Did you want to see me, Professor? This script is by u/Elijah_7 and u/Wkdfaerie Summary from the writers: You come into your professor’s office hours to get extra help with bulking your grades. He questions at first but concedes to help a fellow student. Little does he know his student has other plans in mind. Name used: Daddy, Sir
Oversexed, Overpaid, and Over Here This script is by u/Icedrake402 Summary from the writer: When the US joined World War 2, thousands of American servicemen came to the UK. At the same time, there were a lot of young British women who were chafing after years of rationing, other wartime safety measures and living with the constant fear of being bombed or invaded. For one girl, she’s desperate to stop merely surviving and start having fun, and sees her chance when she meets a hunky GI at a local dance hall. But when an air raid strikes, what to do to get some privacy? 40’s Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9zHYkKoL4A
You deserve to be happy. This is such a sweet script from u/canon69 Summary from the writer: You are having a really bad night, and decide to call your best friend. She comes over to your house at 2AM to comfort you. I'm so sorry, honey. I wish I could take all your pain away. If I could, I would. You know that, right? I would do anything to make you happy. That's all I want. To see you happy. You deserve to be happy. Names used: Mommy, Good boy
Don’t you think I deserve a good dicking down, Daddy? If I’m so bratty… if I’m being such a naughty girl… you should really teach me a lesson, you know? This script is by u/midnights_door Summary from the writer: you're hard at work, but your little girl is just too horny to leave you be. You wouldn't be so cruel as to leave her dripping, aching pussy all alone, would you? What kind of Daddy would that make you? You wouldn't do this to me would you? Name used: Daddy, Fuck Doll, Brat, Little Girl, Baby Girl, Dumb Slut
it's time for humiliation, served up the southern way This script is by u/TeasedToTears Summary from the writer: Southern Belle tells you how things really are.