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Princess_april Audio Sex Stories 65

Good Girl: Slut Training talking to an . Another in my "Good Girl" series. This has the same INTRODUCTION as others in the series, but a different story. This story directly addresses a fictional 18-year-old girl named Tracy. Tracy is a little sex-starved, naive and very easy to manipulate. This one is a little more mellow--with a lot of talk about how to be a slut. There's no sex directly in this story, but plenty of talk about it, and certainly a lot of preparation for it. All characters are 18 or over. Although this has elements of NLP and shares a common intro with all the stories in my "Good Girl" series (more of which I'll post soon), this is not intended as direct hypnosis. This is a story of fantasy. NOTE: Everything you hear was created by me. I wrote the script. I wrote and produced all the music and sound effects especially for this file, and I voice all the performances. This recording was made by an adult for adults. It is a FANTASY and not descriptive or prescriptive of real life activities or interactions. All content is Copyright 2017-2019. All rights reserved. Please do not share or repost the audio without my permission. All voices, including "April", and "Tracy" are my voice, but altered with a voice-changing pitch and formant plug-in.
Tell Me I’m Barely Worth It TAG BREAKDOWN: Some of my audio scripts do not follow the “listener as active participant” paradigm, and even when they do, some of the tags I call out above are in reference to the listener and some are in reference to other characters in the story (including the performer). In order to ensure clarity about specificity, and in hopes of fostering an environment of inclusiveness, the following is a breakdown of the tags in this audio that apply to the listener, and those that do not. TAGS THAT APPLY TO LISTENER: - The listener is assumed to be male and references are made to his cock. The listener is referred to as “daddy”. TAGS THAT APPLY TO NON-LISTENER CHARACTERS: The speaker is extremely submissive, is degraded by her daddy and self-degrades herself throughout the audio. The speaker is referred to as having small breasts and being skinny in a sexually degrading way. Script and Audio by u/Princess_April on Reddit.
Broke, Drug Addicted Girl Fucks Her Dealer for a Hit--While Her Boyfriend Listens due to coercion and desperate drug addiction and then This is about a sweet girl, relatively new to crack cocaine, and very naive. She shows up at the door of her dealer without any money at the behest of her boyfriend. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, she's getting fucked by her dealer while her boyfriend is on the phone, listening to her. Alas, there's a little more to this sad story, but you're going to have to listen to find out. Mind the tags. This is a very psychologically dark story that won't be for everyone. Made by an adult for adults ONLY. All characters are 18 years of age or older. Sweetsgiving 2019 - Created especially for u/_MissHere_