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Prot180 Audio Sex Stories 96

This CBT focused audio is more vocal than my last, as I imagine being at the mercy of a sadistic Goddess who wants to cause pain to my cock and balls while giving me a handjob. I'm constantly torn between wanting it to stop and wanting more so I can please her. There are no "sound effects" used. Every stroke/slap etc is genuine. If you'd like to hear me suffer more or have any other ideas for me please feel free to contact me with your requests/demands... Enjoy! Recorded November 2021.
"You and your boyfriend are studying at the library but what no one knows is he is currently stuffed full with a vibrating butt plug that is at his girlfriends disposal. Can he finish his studying? Or will he break?" Scripy By: WhisperingVA (https://www.reddit.com/user/WhisperingVA) Recorded February 2023.
It's already been over a week of denial. You've ordered me to lie on the bed and wait for you like this... and there's nothing I want more than to obey you. To be your good boy. So I'll wait. As long as you want Goddess... But I'm desperate. I need you... please... hurry... Recorded August 2022.
Was feeling particularly horny after edging for a while and CBT is something that has interested me recently. I decided to edge myself five times, slapping my balls five times after each edge. I always liked having my cock slapped but it was my first time punishing my balls like this. Yes it hurt. Yes I enjoyed it - you can probably tell how much at the end! If you'd like to hear me suffer more please feel free to contact me with your requests/demands... Enjoy! Recorded November 2021.
"Hello my Goddess. I'm here today for you. Because I know you'll like what I'm about to do. Nothing matters more to me than your pleasure. Your pleasure is my pleasure... So I'm going to torture my cock and balls for you today. For your pleasure. For your amusement. Because you want it. And because I want it too. Because I want you to know that I would do anything for you. Worship you from head to toe. Edge myself. Deny myself. Let you lock me in chastity and wear the key around your neck. And I would hurt myself for you... Punish myself. And I deserve it. Even now I feel guilty for the edging I'm going to do without your permission. But every time I do I'm going to punish myself. I'm going to slap my desperate cock ten times. Hard. For you. Then I'm going to take a paddle to my balls, which are particularly exposed in this ball stretcher. Patricularly vulnerable... And I'm going to paddle them ten times. For you. For your pleasure. And when I'm finally done. When I can finally take no more. After my final edge. I'm going to rip these clothespins from my thighs and I'm going to deny myself. I'm going to deny myself because I know that no matter what I do. No matter what you make me do... This isn't about my pleasure. It's about yours." Recorded July 2022.
Another scenario from my deviant brain! I welcome my Goddess home as she throws me onto the bed and inquires as to if I've reconsidered doing Locktober. There's no way she will talk me into it. There's no way she could make me beg for it... right? No sound effects were used so yes everything genuinely hurt! Recorded September 2022.