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Rainbowbloodunicorn Audio Sex Stories 56

WARNING: I get pretty loud when I cum at 20:10 and got a wee bit too close to the mic so warning for headphone users to be aware or turn their volume down. I hope I don't blow out your eardrums You've been such a good girl baby, and I think you deserve a reward! I'm going to bend you over on all fours and breed that pussy of yours senseless <3 Hope everyone enjoys listening and lets me know what they think! -Rainbow
Well, 12:56 actually, but we'll just round up those numbers. Come listen to me stroke my cock for 13 minutes while watching some of my favorite porn at 2AM! Hope everyone enjoys listening! Comments/DM's are always welcomed as well! -Rainbow
Script by u/Molskitten Recorded live on Where The Voices Are discord! Listen to part 1 here - https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/97up71/script_fillm4f_flower_crown_elf_prince_mdom/?st=jkxbry0z&sh=d6e3c4ac