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Redstarva Audio Sex Stories 11

You and your femboy best friend just got back from the gym together, and after showering, asks you to give him a massage. The sounds he makes are more tempting than you thought they would be, and that towel draped around his waist is so loose already. You could just…
A few months ago, you were looking to adopt a new kitten when you came across just the cutest little catboy (thanks Elon). He's extremely shy, but ever since then, you've bonded and have become inseparable. However, today you forgot to give him his scritchies as you ran to work. It bothered you all day, so as soon as your shift ended, you rushed back home, eager to give him what he wants. But as you enter, you hear strange moans coming from your bedroom. What you discover is your super-shy catboy acting super horny.
A gentle Daddy comes home to find his boy crying after a rough day. He helps his baby in the best way he can think of. All characters depicted are consenting adults. Content made for those 18+ years old.
It’s the end of the semester and your teacher asks you to stay back after the last class. They want to congratulate you on your final project presentation. Their compliments quickly turn sexual and you find yourself aroused. When your teacher tells you to get on your knees you don’t hesitate…
The listener found a listing for participating in the Bottom Olympics. It is exactly what the name implies, Olympic Games for Bottoms. Instead of 100m Dash, Hurdles or Javelin, the disciplines are shrinking, gaping, throating, depth training, milking, riding (and pain resistance). The listener shows up at an interview with a team owner who is looking to fill out his roster for the Olympics, so a thorough interview is conducted.
Your boyfriend decides to give into your wishes and dive into a thrilling, intense yandere roleplay session with you! But don't worry, he makes sure you're ok and safe with safeword checks throughout the entire thing! He does get a little carried away though