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Sammyschwarz Audio Sex Stories 13

Why are you still awake? Listening to some naughty audio porn I made, huh? Looks like you need someone to tire you out... ;) This audio features futa, femdom, face fucking, taking your anal virginity. Original script by u/soulpathologist, flipped for futadom by u/JayeWilde. For more audio fun, find me on Reddit at u/SammySchwarz!
I know I used to make your life hell in high school. I'm sorry about that. I'm a changed woman! Maybe I can make it up to you by having my hot boyfriend fuck the living daylights out of your new girlfriend... Script by deleted user on r/gonewildaudio. Recorded by yours truly, Miss Sammy <3 www.sammyreischwarz.com
You're taking a quick bathroom break at work when you listen to a voicemail left by your horny, cock-hungry girlfriend, who just can't wait until you get home to worship your big throbbing cock... Original script by u/randomname1111111111 Recorded by Yours Truly, Miss Sammy www.sammyreischwarz.com
You're burning in Hell, but there's a way out. I'm the lovely, intelligent, and oh-so-merciful Lucy Fair, the Queen of Hell. All you have to do is pass my three trials and you'll get a second chance at life. If you fail, you’ll find out exactly how much worse hell can get... ** TAKE HEED: If you cum by 16:40, you have FAILED. Skip ahead to 21:10 for the BAD ENDING (because you are a very bad boy). If you managed to hold out until 16:40, keep listening for the GOOD ENDING (but even happy endings have their price!). ** Original script by u/Branford6 and u/HannahSlamma ** Recorded by Yours Truly, Miss Sammy ** www.SammyReiSchwarz.com
You did well, netrunner. With my blades and your fast hacking skills, we make quite the team. I need more from you though. All that killing... it's got me fired up. Take off those clothes. I wanna see all of you. Ports, chrome, flesh, cock... Did you just say no? Aw, it's cute that you think that you have a choice. Enter my matrix. *** Thank you u/LateStageInfernalism for this especially fun script. Additional thanks to Mars_98, x3nus, inspectorJ, Trautwein, and Timbre from freesound.org for selected futuristic sound effects and retro synth to give it that cyberpunk feel.
You've been such a good, obedient boy! I think it's time you get a little treat from Mistress. (Script by ErosEigengrau and sound effects from soundbible.com)
Your dominant sweetheart & Mistress gets too horny to focus on studying and calls you for a quick wank over the phone. Get that slutty tongue ready to make some licking noises for her pleasure... ;) (Improvised by yours truly, Miss Sammy <3).
I'm sleeping next to you on a rainy night when you wake up panicking from a nightmare about past trauma. With gentle words and light compassionate touch, I comfort you and reassure you that you're safe and whole and good. *** Filled from script offer by /u/MLKane "Light Rain And Crickets" sound by Mike Koenig from soundbible.com
I think I'd like to be dominated someday, but laugh at the thought that my sweet boyfriend could actually make me submit. Or can he? When he grabs me and makes me kneel as soon as he walks in the door, my body starts to betray me... (Script by /u/OriginalChris7)
Working from home leads to a million different titillating distractions. Sometimes I get so horny, I can't stop myself from jumping into bed and spreading my legs for my faithful magic wand vibrator. This happens countless times each week, but this time, I decided to hit record. While talking you through a hot fantasy of having all my holes filled at once, I edge myself for a full 30 minutes -- egging you on to do the same -- before exploding in an agonizing, tearfully ecstatic squirting orgasm. Join me. And remember, good boys and girls wait to cum... www.SammyReiSchwarz.com
Just a snippet I'm posting to receive constructive feedback on my audio recording quality and setup. (From a Giantess audio, in case you're wondering what weird shit I'm up to!)