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Sazzyasmr Audio Sex Stories 17

After getting back home after a long day, you found out that your place has turned into a party without your knowledge. Turns out your roommate decided to throw a party to celebrate the end of midterms exams. What is even more surprising is that someone is in your room sitting on your bed waiting for you this entire time and that someone just happens to be your academic rival, the mean popular but very pretty girl.
You've been living with your roommate for quite some time. Today, without their knowledge, you arranged a party. You need to pass the time somehow, and they're right there, so it couldn't hurt to play a game, right?
Your tough tsundere roommate sneaks into your bed at night to cuddle you. Just because she had a bad day, of course! This has nothing to do with her secretly liking you or anything...
You find yourself paired up with the girl who's bullied you all semester for your Classical History final project. She comes over to your place to work on it and at first she's as rude as ever, but she makes a surprising confession, and the two of you end up becoming closer than either of you expected...
You, the wounded hero, seek refuge on the doorstep of your villainous counterpart, leading to an unexpected display of empathy and care. As the villain tends to your injuries, a nuanced relationship emerges, challenging traditional hero-villain dynamics.
A journalist breaks into your home upon witnessing you throwing a rock through the neighbor's window. During a conversation with the journalist, an unconventional agreement is forged, requiring you to disclose additional details about your life.
The schoolyard and poolside party become the backdrop for a whirlwind of emotions. Your text message sparks an urgent need for a private conversation. As the tension rises, a poolside mishap leads to a last chance encounter with you. And soon enough, secrets are unveiled as an unexpected confession of love turns everything upside down.
You woke up just slightly before your girlfriend did. Since you have something annoying to do today, you are getting out of bed, when you notice her waking up as well. You sigh, because you know she will not let you go without her morning cuddles…
You "miss" your bus and you have to walk home, but the path you take is right behind your bully. She lets you spend the night in her house and it leads to more.
Two strangers get to know each other while they get stuck in an elevator, turning a simple inconvenience into a laughter-filled escape and, just maybe, a touch of unexpected love. Because sometimes, the best stories happen when life hits pause.
The two of you have a... complicated relationship that was supposed to be 'no strings attached,' but when you find yourself waiting on a date, she makes it clear that emotions are VERY involved.
We bump into each other in a cafe, and little do we know, this seemingly random encounter is orchestrated by fate. As we talk and get to know each other, it becomes clear that our souls are destined to seek each other out, no matter the distance.
You’re watching a movie during new year's eve with your girlfriend, and you've fallen asleep on her lap. She quietly talks to you until it's midnight and she wakes you up.