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Serenashadow Audio Sex Stories 29

Hi there. I know you’ve had such hard day. Would you like me to help you relax? I want you to forget about all your stress. Even though I’m not there with you right now, I want to guide you through this. If you like lube, have some ready. I just need you to promise to listen to me very closely and do everything I tell you. Ok?
A mommydomme comes home early and finds her boy masturbating! He didn't get permission for that, so of course he needs to be punished. But mommy decides to give him a chance to prove he is still her good boy.
This is a fun femdom clip with very detailed instructions for the listener to follow along to. It includes some very light CBT and nipple play. In the clip, the domme asserts her control by making the experience about what they want, encouraging the listener to want that too.
Your place is haunted by a ghost girl. However, you don’t find her very scary, so you ignore her. Sick of the lack of attention, she one day decides to take charge, but not in the way you think...
Scenario: You are the guitarist in a popular local band. You've recently hired a hot-to-trot new singer, who got very sexually aggressive with you during tonight's show. Time to put them in their place and let them know EXACTLY whose band this is.
Who doesn’t love a good countdown? You’ll listen to everything I say and do as I say
I just want to be able to provide the most pleasurable service to you as you shop around for some nice toys hot stuff
You're the good boy. You've never met. You've never spoken, but you belong to them. Tonight they guide you through a long build-up to using an anal toy. A slight twist to the usual JOI, mixed with a bit of a mind fuck and so many good boys.
I’m feeling very feral and breedable, come fuck me up Daddy
Soooo saw one of my favorite audio creators do this and I just was like Uh wow I so wanna do this and so me and my best bitch Kira did this collab together on it and wow I’m so impressed with it. I hope you all like it!!