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Shesoundshe Audio Sex Stories 25

What is something kinky that you would absolutely love to do sometimes? Like your biggest kinky fantasies?
This is super embarrassing but I caught my sister bookmarking one of your videos and I was about to tease her about it but then I ended getting addicted to your videos myself since this is anonymous, might as well just confess
What happens when someone recognizes you in public? I mean the tattoos aren’t super commen haha
This isn’t particularly nsfw at all but I just recently found your account and you (he) reminds me a lot of my first love. From the way you talk, your personality, your demeanor, attitude, body type and everything just reminds me of him. You’re definitely not him but sometimes I watch your videos with a bittersweet feeling while recalling past memories. I hope he still think of those memories as fondly as I do. Anyway, the question is do you still remember your first love and if yes, how is it?
Please answer this with a voice recording (i love your voice), when and how did you start to realize youre into femdom stuff? And how did you tell your partner about it, are you nervous at all? Hope im not asking too much
does she have experience with women? and does she desire to? ahh im so jealous of you, she’s so fucking hot
Hey! I don’t ever reach out to people about the NSFW content they post, but I have to say your content feels like what I’ve been searching for since I was a teenager. I don’t care for sounding personally, but your videos are both sexy AND adorable. The (often cute) communication, the gentle yet authoritative dom, everything about the sub’s vocalness, and the super hot body put on display makes for such amazing content. Like it reaches deeper than “this is hot” into literal butterflies in my stomach when I watch. I hope I can have a relationship like yours one day! You seem like such cool people (based off of the porn I consume of you on the internet which may not be the BEST judge of one’s character but I think your personality’s shines through.) Thank you for your content :) <3
would you guys ever consider posting videos of u two having sex? personally i love the edging videos and the ones where she watches u masturbate :0 ty for such good content :D
This question is for both of you. What is something you like the most about your partner? :)
Thanks for the tips! That difference in size is insane! I almost can't believe that 14mm would fit in there. I'll definitely take a more serious look into it. I have read some things about it being unhealthy or dangerous, but you actually mentioned most of those points in your reply. And I guess you have more experience than most people that write about it online haha. I did have a bit of a look already online, but couldn't really find many sounding toys. Or they were toys I wouldn't really trust. Do you have any site or brand you like, that you know is a good toy to use? Don't want to stick some unknown stuff in there as you hopefully understand :)
I saw you mention that you had a chronic illness and just wanted to say that it's very nice to know other people in the kink scene struggle with chronic illness/chronic pain. Unfortunately my chronic pain prevents me from being able to fully enjoy or explore certain kinks or even masturbate some days and it's just nice to know other people struggle too. Not to say it's a good thing, but at least we're not alone! i hope your body treats you kindly <3
I'm pretty interested in trying sounding, but at the same time I'm also pretty scared. It's something I've never done before, so don't wanna screw it up. But I think it's mostly my mindset, so I was wondering if you have any specific sounding mindset and how you would get into that. Maybe you could tell us about your first time trying sounding as an example?
Do you find nipple piercings attractive? Either on you or a potential partner
I would love a voice response! I just recently stumbled onto your videos and immediately fell in love with your personalities on screen, its easy to tell that you have a genuine connection and it makes the videos even more sexy! Have you guys ever considered doing any fully audio porn, either through soundgasm or pornhub? It seems like it could be fun to do while struggling to find a cameraman ;)
Have you ever thought of doing audio porn? Like on “get wild audio” on Reddit or sum? Your voice is just Chefs kiss
Wait I probably sounds kinda rude sorry but i also have other qrts that are just me laughing, one was when you told us about the scar on your dick, im sorry i was laughing so hard for a good 5 mins reading
Have you ever thought about uploading much more diverse NSFW content on Twitter? Like pegging or edging? Pdta: I just started following you and I really like your content. Plus I admire your relationship cause it's pretty obvious how much you love each other (relationship goals lmao). Have a nice day!!