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Softlygf Audio Sex Stories 41

You need to learn boundaries before I make you. You're mine. You didn't think I'd be this possessive? It should be the other way around right? I'm not a damsel in fucking distress. I'm your girlfriend. Not your mistress.
I get the sense that it's a lost cause I get the sense that you might really love her The text gon' be evidence, this text is evidence I try to ration with you, no murders, no crime of passion.
I've been feeling strange ever since I got back from hiking. What's weird about it is that whenever you're away it doesn't feel as bad, but once you come home: it's like my whole body is on fire.. Of course, I didn't want to tell you! I don't want you being worried to death so I've tried to keep it to myself...
Hi, baby! I missed you so much today. What were you up to for so long, huh? You know you can't leave me alone for that long, I'm like a human Tamagotchi. I need your attention... Oh, you'll make up for it? Yay? Then maybe we can cuddle on the couch and watch a mo-- Wait, what?
Babyy, you've been distancing yourself from me all week. I miss you so much, I don't think I can last another night like this... Okay, maybe I'm being dramatic but I do miss you! Just because we see each other everyday doesn't equal being able to cuddle and kiss you. I know I'll eventually get over the sickness but
I don't think you quite understand. The night you summoned me, I claimed you as mine. You are destined to live on this earth to serve me and me only. There is no point in hiding that symbol on your chest nor is it smart to disrespect me. I may consume your soul at any time I please. You do not get to trot around as a sex deviant when you belong to me. Your heart is mine. If you thought you could get away from my sights, you were deathly wrong. Bunny, historians have wrote about the terrors I've caused-- the lives I've ruined, the souls that keep me alive for centuries.
It was a one night stand. It was just suppose to be a little fun and we'd move on with our lives. But you start interrogating my friends, lurking my social media, and you've finally lost your mind, YOU SHOW UP TO MY FUCKIN' HOUSE? Baby, you're pretty but that head of yours is so-- ugh. You wanna keep chasing me? Fine.
Aw, your little boyfriend's upset again? It's a little rude for him starting things and never letting you finish. You must be so pent up, huh? It's not fair to you, is it? Poor baby... You must be so frustrated. Aren't you glad you have me? Always right here. Always just one room away...