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Softspokensiren Audio Sex Stories 25

Thank you u/GasconRogue for allowing me to bring this amazing script to life. I just went through a break up and my supportive friend has been there, helping me deal. I'm in love with him and I want him to love me back. I don't care if he's with someone else, I need to make him mine.
Oh, did you have a rough day? I know the PERFECT way to help you relax.
Thank you so much u/MyNameMadeYouSmiley for writing this script. It's like you knew my innermost desires and wrote them down. I had a lot of fun with this audio bc sucking dick should ALWAYS be an option
I need to pass this class. Please Professor, I'll do anything
I only want to bring you pleasure
It's amazing the way you know how to make me laugh, smile, and cum, even after all this time.
Don't forget to start your day with a hearty breakfast. My pussy is the best meal of your day.
We have a special relationship and I want to explore it with u tonight.
I'm sorry I broke the rules Daddy. Please, I'll show you I can do better next time
I have this fantasy of being watched while I pleasure myself. Knowing someone is seeing the most intimate parts of me and fantasizing about fucking me. I want to be the object of your desire. It gets me so horny knowing ur watching, listening.