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Sssliver Audio Sex Stories 10

Repeating a mantra while fucking myself doggy style onto my suction cup dildo. Break down at the end begging for a real orgasm instead of the tiny ruined spasms I was shuddering through the whole time leaving me me an unsatisfied needy dripping mess.
The payoff at the end of two weeks of orgasm denial. The second week included some intense edging leaving me in a mood to really fuck with my brain, hence so many ruins.
A friend asked me to record my morning edging 10/07/2018. Humping and riding the edge, licked the dildo clean afterwards.
Second edge of the day while practicing my cock sucking skills. Includes the first time I ever reached the base of my favorite dildo.
Was asked to record this orgasm, first since Samhain. Starts with just oral stimulation, then vaginal with fingers ending with my favorite dildo.