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Suckmygun Audio Sex Stories 16

Ohhh, kitten...you shouldn’t have done that. You’ve made me very upset. I poured my heart out to you, and this is how you repay me?
The day you woke up in the hospital, there was a stranger holding your hand. The doctors told you that you were in a car accident, it’s been years since the last memory you have, and the stranger at your bedside is the man you married. It’s been awkward between you two ever since you left the hospital. He’s kind and supportive, but also distant. And it hurts to sleep every night alone in a bed made for two. This will be the first time you will share the bed since you came home. Maybe tonight, you can finally get him open up, and be your husband again…
The Police are back at your neighbors house for the 4th time this week. This is nothing new as there's always an argument or disturbance coming from their house ever since you moved in next door. They have 2 little twin boys that you babysit often whenever the parents go out of town for work for a little extra cash. Every single time without fail, the boys run to your house for safety and of course you let them in and sometimes stay the night. It always seems to be the same 2 officers that show up. One male. One female. You've become very fond of the male officer as you see him quite often and he comes to check on the boys. He's older than you but he's handsome, confident, and sweet. Just your type. He always seems to be flirting with you, but you're not really sure if he actually likes you. So tonight is the night that you make the first move…
You said it would be nice for someone else to take the lead, didn’t you? I’m just giving you what you want, baby…
After becoming hopelessly lost, separated from his group, a man wanders the halls of a Haunted House. What at first appears a run-of-the-mill attraction, soon becomes something sinister as all hope of escape slowly disappears. He doesn't realize that the House has chosen him, and staked its claim on his body. All that's needed is to break his mind. He will serve the House.