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Sumtotalof1 Audio Sex Stories 45

The Queen of a besieged nation is called upon to parlay with the invading army. As she arrives in the keep's throne room, she finds herself locked in, seperated from her guards and surrounded by men with grim smirks and cruel intentions. Not sure about the perspective change in the middle but it seemed the best way to do what I wanted here. Had a lot of fun doing sound effects, hope the gangbang bit comes off well for everyone!
When I first read u/AmbroseKincaidVA's script, I fell completely in love! It was one of those "please please please be a fill in here somewhere!" moments, but I've always prided myself in being the change I want in the world. Happy Holidays, my darling perverts. This is one nasty script. You got revenge on your bully by giving them a bunk essay. Bet you thought that was smart, huh? How clever are you gonna feel getting railed in the bathroom, licking your load off the nasty tiles, and blackmailed into being her special little cocksleeve? Big shoutouts to my partner, who was a fantastic prop during the recording, and provided delicious little moans for me.
Weeks after the besieged nation has surrendered both its land and its people to the aggressors, in the deepest dungeon of the castle, the single remaining sane member of the royal family - the Prince - awaits his fate... Phew! Great way to return to the GWA gang. Lots of sound effects, background noise, "plot" and rough filthy sex. Everything you know and love with a SumTotal Audio :D
At long last you've unlocked the secrets of Hell itself and gathered the knowledge, the power and the tools to summon and bind a demon here in the mortal realm. Late at night, you build your altar and begin speaking your magic words. The only problem is you got it wrong. Now the demonic force of pure hedonism stands before you, and you find yourself slowly forgetting why this is a bad thing...
You put on a brave face every day, dealing with your job, your stresses, your hardships. To everyone else you're strong, independent and powerful. You have a good career and you love your family. You help out in your community and you have a bright future. But you'd give it all up in a second to be my little cock whore. Chained to a post in a basement, covered in spit and cum. That's ok. Come on over.
The chief tech of the UNSC Capybara has finally completed the analysis of the retrieved relic from Arakas 9. Now all he needs a (somewhat) willing test subject. Lots of sound effects and 'audio drama' style work in this one. Hopefully I didn't miss much. This starts off pretty Mind Control Rapey then the tables get turned about mid-way through and the Tech finds himself on the end of the Commander's hard light strap-on. Lots of fun to record a switch audio!
I just got my latest package of cute clothes in the mail, and as is tradition, I'm gonna interrupt you to show them off! But you just don't seem that excited. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I soon find myself begging for your approval with your thick, hard cock still on my tongue. Do I look pretty with your cock in my mouth, Daddy? Based on a script by Stone Vibration (https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/ut66nr/f4m_do_i_look_pretty_with_your_dick_in_my_mouth/)