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Sunshine-lollipops Audio Sex Stories 26

Breath and relax with me. It will be okay.
I use a lot of different sounding voices depending on the script and I dont want that to ever become an issue with my verification so I used a few of them in this audio to show that its all just me.
Dubbed 'The Coral that Kills' this item is an infectious man-eating coral in the ocean that either infects and mutates humans into one of its own or grabs them with its tentacles and devours them.
F4M] With her new, comfy pajamas, your little sister comes in to cuddle with you! She talks about her day and gets a little emotional about her insecurities at work, but after receiving comfort and praising her big brother for all that he does for her, they both can sleep well knowing they have each other. Vocaroo for downloading https://voca.ro/12Q6fr4atiej