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Sweetlikemolasses Audio Sex Stories 34

You’re post break up and feeling kinda down. You meet up with one of your “bros”, a curvy Tomboy who you think is way above your league, in your local pub. As you’re both talking about how you feel, your ex comes in with a new lover. Your friend sees and wants to piss them off, which makes you question how she really feels about you..
You go with your friends to a local bookstore and as you walk in, you spot a beautiful woman in the cafe, reading. Your friends follow your gaze and begin telling you the crazy stories they’ve heard of this woman being a “Miss”, a gentle Domme. With your interest peaked and your friends daring you to go talk to her, you grab a magazine. Little do you know, she’s already noticed you and is waiting patiently.. Tags:
In the middle of running away from a Frat boy trying to haze you, you hear noises from a class room, and go inside. Immediately you realize you ran straight to your crush. Your own personal bully.. a very cute but slightly crazy Tomboy. You go to her for help and after reluctantly telling her what’s going on, she is pissed..
Hi again! So this is an improv ASMR story time. Just got a new setup going and just wanted to see how I liked it. I know it’s still a little rough, but I am trying. If you like the ASMR voice, let me know in the comments or if you could give me some feedback to make it sound better, I would appreciate that too. Like I said, still trying to figure this stuff out, so please be gentle. Tags:
You’re back from out of town and decide to go to your favorite diner for lunch. You see a familiar face in a corner booth, a pretty office worker sitting alone. You go to sit at the bar, planning on eating and leaving, when you spontaneously turn around and move to her table..
It’s that time of year again..that feeling of sadness and lack of interest invades your mind, taking hold. The silver lining though is your partner is here with you and willing to help in any way.
Every morning you always go into your local bakery to watch and try to “read” the cute girl that works behind the counter. Every time you go in, she’s always happy and flirty. Today you go by the window, running a little behind schedule, and notice her looking somewhat sad. You walk through the door and she lights up, truly happy to see you..because she’s been “reading” you too. Tags:
Your S.O. welcomes you home after a rough day and suggests watching a movie to make you feel better. You know your ‘Miss’ can’t handle scary movies and you suggest it, just knowing she’ll be the one jumping into your arms. But little do you realize, you can’t handle it either..
You’re the local nerd, quiet and shy, always in your town’s local comic book store. As you browse your favorite comics, you hear the door ding, pulling your gaze up and over. You see your old childhood frenemy walk in, saying a greeting to the shop owner, and then she sees you.. Tags: