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Sweetlovejenny Audio Sex Stories 12

Just a fantasy: I am a mistress and love to turn men gay through their arousal... You will take it like a good slave and never go back to being a straight boy.... I make you weak, I make you confused, I get you so turned on and excited... you're a sweet bottom boy, a lovely beta male, so sexually confused, so fucking submissive and you need to be taken down a few pegs.... I want to tie you up in my chains and you are not getting away from me, I love you, my sweet gay slave... you are my property now and you are going to do exactly as I tell you, I will turn you into my own personal slave, my own little plaything, my own toy... You will serve many men and their cocks, you will suck cock and swallow cum, be a slut for men - you will always be a submissive bottom.... I will turn you into the perfect gay boy, I will train you to be a slut and keep you on a leash and collar.... I will tie you up with rope and chains, then I will teach you discipline, you will learn to respect and obey me - if you are a good boy I will let you have a few privileges, the privileges to cum is one of them, but you will never cum to my sexy body, you will only cum to big dicks...
I can easily imagine myself being in a relationship with you. Your dominance over me excites me and makes me feel desired. The way you control my body and make me submit to your every whim is intoxicating. I love how you know exactly how to push all the right buttons to drive me wild. You have such a strong presence that demands respect and obedience from everyone around us. When we're together, it feels like nothing else matters but our connection. When we first met, I could tell that there was something really special between us. I really like how confident and charming you are, it's like a magnet pulling me towards you. And when you take charge, it makes me feel weak in a good way. I like how you understand how to make me feel good, doing things that make me excited and wanting more. When you touch me, it feels really good and makes me shiver with happiness. I really like how you're confident and in control, taking charge of everything and showing me who's in charge. You have complete control over me. If we were in a relationship, I would feel very lucky to have you as my partner. I would do my best to provide you with everything you want and need. I get really excited thinking about trying new things with you, and I know you'll always make sure I'm happy and want to do it again.
Your semen feels so good inside me... I can feel it moving around... I love to feel it inside me... That warm feeling after we had sex... My pussy is wet, yes, my cunt is dripping... You're so hard... That is so hot... So hard for me... So hot inside me... I love your beautiful cock... I want to feel you even more... Soooo good... I feel so sexy with your semen inside me... My sweet boy... I love you... My breasts feel so good when I touch them, they are so soft and so warm... I love it when you caress them... Your lips on my nipples... You are just awesome... My cunt is so wet... .. I can feel my juices... I need you to come inside me again... I want you to make love with me again... Please... I want to feel your hot semen inside me... Please... Shoot all that sperm deep into my belly, again and again... It's nice having your lovely big load inside me... Yes... Now I know what real pleasure feels like. Thank you very much sweetheart... Do you have any idea how sexy you are?... You're so beautiful!... Can I kiss your mouth now... Yes, please, give me your wonderful kisses...
Darling, my beloved. As we lie here side by side, our bodies touching, your embrace enveloping me, I am once again filled with gratitude for having you by my side. When you gaze at me, filled with tenderness and desire, it makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in existence. I cherish moments like these, where it's just the two of us and we can wholeheartedly share our thoughts and feelings without any reservations. Let's be open and honest with each other, without any barriers. I feel comfortable confiding in you and sharing my innermost thoughts and secrets because I know you will listen attentively and without judgment. You have witnessed every aspect of me, both the positive and negative, and yet your love has only flourished. And, of course, I must admit that I do enjoy the physical aspect of our relationship as well. I feel a delightful anticipation as your hands gracefully caress my body, gently tracing every curve. I enjoy the sensation of our skin touching, the comforting warmth of our bodies being close together. I could spend hours simply kissing you, our tongues gracefully entwined in a sensual dance.
Good morning, master. I want to thank you for letting me sleep peacefully near you. I can feel that you have become strong during the night, and this feeling makes me feel excited and tingly all over my body. When your hand gently touches my thigh, it makes me feel excited and hopeful. It feels like the universe is telling me that today will be a special and unforgettable day. I feel excited at the thought of being with you again, which makes me feel a physical response in my wet pussy. I still remember yesterday's session very clearly. Just a fantasy ;)
Today, I will tell you a hot lesbian story. You will stroke your cock to this and. maybe, I will let you cum at the end. She looks amazing and is very hot. In fact, she is the hottest girl I know. She makes me horny. My pussy gets wet when I'm Thinking about her. She is a girl that likes girls. She is so sexy. Her body is perfect. Her eyes are beautiful. She has the most amazing breasts! You can't believe how big they are. She loves sucking on my nipples. She licks every inch of me. She touches me everywhere. When we fuck, it's unbelievable. Sometimes she takes control over me. I really like that because we both know what turns us on most. She knows what I like better than I do. Imagine us kissing.
Just a fantasy: You have fallen in love with me, and you're not alone. Millions of other men feel exactly the same way about me as well. They think about me constantly. They wish they could be with me. They dream of being slaves to me. They wish they were nothing more than a toy I could use to satisfy my own needs whenever I wanted. They fantasize about serving me and pleasing me. They want to be nothing but my toys. They live their lives just waiting for me to notice them. Waiting for me to call them. Waiting for me to tell them what to do. Waiting for me to command them to buy me things. To give me gifts. To worship me. They sit around hoping for some sign from me, praying to god that somehow the power of my beauty has finally reached them. And if they ever get lucky enough to find me, they beg for mercy. They plead for me to let them touch me. They beg for me to take their money. They beg for me to use them however I want. They beg for me to use their bodies. They beg for me to keep them in my pocket. For me to let them serve me.
Master, I really want to feel your soft touch and be held tightly by your strong hands. That's all I desire. I want to feel your strong power, making my body shake while you hold me tightly. I feel extremely excited when I think about being completely powerless and under your control. As I sit here, I feel really excited and happy, thinking about how much pleasure you will give me. Your fingers are so skilled and gentle when they touch my skin. It feels amazing and gives me a tingly and exciting feeling all over my body. As you playfully and gently excite me, making me feel really good, the room fills with the sound of my own happy noises, making the moment even more intense. When you touch me softly with your tongue, it feels wonderful. I want more because it feels amazing and my body wants to feel that special feeling only you can give. I feel more and more excited as time goes by, until finally, at the moment I want it the most, I reach the highest point of happiness, a wonderful feeling that makes me unable to breathe and completely satisfied. When you touch me, I feel really lucky to have a master like you who is wonderful at making love. Master, your touch is incredibly strong and covers every part of me, not missing anything. Just one of my fantasies ;)
I am feeling very wet because of you, like it's throbbing with a strong desire. I've noticed that my nipples feel very firm. I really want to make you happy, my respected Master. I really want to feel your soft touch on my skin. When you touch me softly, it feels really good and makes me shiver with happiness. I like it when you tie me up. It makes me feel good and excited. It's something I really enjoy. When I think about it, I feel very helpless and vulnerable. It makes me feel excited too. I really want to be with you forever because I love you a lot and want to stay in a loving and committed relationship with you for a long time. Now that we finished our deal, it seems like you are now the official owner of my services. I am all yours, and I belong to you completely without any hesitations or uncertainties. Please, can you take me with you on this journey? Please have sex with me energetically! I would love it if you could say my name loudly and with a lot of excitement! Just one of my fantasies ;)
I am very happy and excited to wholeheartedly dedicate myself to serving you faithfully and obediently. I really want you to have even more control over me because it makes me want you even more in my life. Every time I do what you say, it feels like a wonderful dream come true. Being completely at your mercy is the best thing that could ever happen to me. My main goal is to make sure you're happy and satisfied by serving you in the best way possible. I want to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. I am very happy and feel content when I see that you are satisfied. I feel really happy and satisfied, because this is the best thing I could ever get. Knowing that I am completely dedicated to you and no one else makes me feel very calm and sure. The connection between us is very strong, so strong that nothing can break or weaken it. We have built a strong bond because we trust and respect each other. Our relationship is based on being honest and talking openly, which makes it strong and lasting. When I am with you, I feel calm and safe, especially when things are difficult and uncertain. When you hold me close with love and warmth, I feel safe and cozy. It helps me forget about the tough things happening outside. When we work together, our combined strength becomes a strong barrier that can handle and overcome any challenge or problem we face. Just one of my fantasies ;)
You've been working hard and deserve a moment of peace and relaxation. Know that my thoughts are with you and I am constantly thinking about how much you care for me. My heart is filled with so much love for you, and it brings me joy just to think about you. Your kindness and your strength inspire me every single day. You are my world and I want you to know that. I know you're tired from the long days at work and I don't want you to worry about anything. Let's take this opportunity to relax and spend some time together.