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Thealanna Audio Sex Stories 12

Script by u/Eldridge_Daniels. Here is the synopsis: You, the listener, come home from a fun night with your friends. Despite my Yandere tendecies, I tried not to worry too much and didn't call you all night, after all, I really want to trust my beloved. When you finally open the door, you put me at ease and...well, we have hot, loving and a bit obsessive sex!
A man works as a barista in a fairly popular café with some regulars. One of the regulars has been watching him from afar for a long time, and, seeing how he's recently been getting friendly with a new girl, decides to make her move. She lies in wait until your shift is over, then threatens him with a knife and takes you over to a dark, out of the way alley where she makes him hers forever. Script by u/TheSeventhDean.
Script by u/EscapedTerrorist. Synopsis: You've got a roommate, she's tiny, she's adorable, and you feel the need to protect her and protect your platonic friendship with her. The problem is that she doesn't like that one bit. The only thing she hates more than being seen as cute and helpless is being sexually overlooked by you. She wants to be dominant badly, and you like dominant women but have never seen her that way. One night she hits the breaking point and decides that if you won't see her for what she is, she'll just have to prove herself.
My first audio, script and description from u/Meatwad_Real! The listener has been practicing all month to take on the queen of the arcade, legend has it she’s never lost a game in her life. You approach her and challenge her to a game she says she doesn’t play nobodys, not unless there is something in it for her. You make a deal with her, if you win, you get all the glory, and your name at the top of the highscore wall. If you lose though you’ll be her personal play thing. You’re pretty good but she distracts you with her womanly charms. Before you know it, you’ve already lost. Now it’s time for your punishment~.