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Thegentledomme Audio Sex Stories 38

Your wife is out on a date, and I’m your cuckie sitter for the evening!
Synopsis: It’s the last day of school before the summer break. A young handsome student and his caring mature teacher find themselves all alone in the class room. The teacher confronts the student about his grades, which didn´t match her very high expectations. She also suggests that he joins her ”Special Summer Development Programme” to get him back on the right track. As she puts it, the programme involves rather unconventional and experimentative teaching methods. After convincing the student to sign up, she also decides to give him an introductory lesson right away...
(6 Minutes) Hi. Today we’re just going to have a little conversation. I know you’re here because you think you’re going to be hypnotized, and that fine. It’s totally fine to be here because you want to open up that adorable little mind of yours to me. The truth is that it's easy to be hypnotized. You even do it to yourself all the time. But what's a little tricker is finding someone who understands how to seduce your mind into giving up more and more control. Maybe you’ve never experimented with hypnosis before or maybe you’ve been enjoying erotic hypnosis for years. It doesn’t really matter, because by listening to this, we're going to form a little connection. It feels good to let go. Doesn't it? To give in. To give up? Especially to someone who understands what you need...not even what you want, but what you NEED. So, let's just relax, and I'll talk and get you nice and empty. Like a good boy. My very good, very empty boy.
When my son’s college friend walks in on me getting out of the shower, I discover that not only does he want me, he’s also a virgin, who’s in some dire need of some sensual education.
Young men have so many urges that are difficult to control. Luckily, I’m here to help. My strict edging and milking program will help you become more disciplined. I only accept eager students willing to put in the vigorous work required.
You’re such a good puppy! After I put you through your puppy paces and give you a spanking to make sure you learn your lessons, you get to hump your mistress’s leg as a special treat! (10 minutes)
After you’ve been denied all week, you edge yourself for me while I tell you about my plans for this weekend. Hint. They involve you being a very, very desperate boy!
So, I have kind of a weird turn on. I get turned on by the idea of making men come in their pants. I think it’s the embarrassment. I love the idea of making men lose control, despite their best efforts. And there’s something so juvenile and inexperienced and even a tiny bit emasculating about forcing a man to make a mess of himself in his pants. (Yes. There are some other options for that, but they aren’t quite my jam.) One of my favorite things to do during sex is to tell a man to definitely NOT come, while doing absolutely everything in my power to make him come and fail. So, this might be just a different take on that.
I heard you had a thing for feet. So let's start with a nice hard foot rub, and maybe I'll reward you with a foot job with a happy ending.