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Thevaginewhisperer Audio Sex Stories 33

Daddy comes into your room and asks to share your bed. He's being so sweet and gentle with you. He then starts giving you more passionate kisses. As thing progresses, you become incredibly aroused and feel so good that you can't help yourself but give in.
You are alone in the house with your daddy as he irons his dress shirts. As you casually chat with him, your pussy gets wetter by the second. While cuddling on the couch, the atmosphere becomes more intimate, and daddy is unable to resist the temptation. Things escalates from affectionate touches to raw taboo sex pretty quick, climaxing with a deep creampie in your horny pussy, just moments before your mother returns from work...
We are hanging out at my house watching an old classic movie as we often do every Sunday. A scene in the movie makes me remember those nights we spent dancing, pretending we were at a ball or some fancy royal event. I spontaneously decide to recreate one of those nights. As we dance, I can't take my eyes off of you. I'm mesmerized by your beauty and the sexual tension keep rising every time we brush against each other. One thing leads to another and then next thing you know we are having rough passionate sex on the couch making unforgettable memories...
Daddy's trying to sleep. Let Daddy gets his sleep. You wanna touch Daddy's hard veiny cock? Do you want Daddy's manly cock inside your princess parts? Daddy needs to fuck you. Do you trust Daddy? That's my good girl, my most special girl... Your horny pussy is made for Daddy. Shut the fuck up, take that cock! I know, it feels good, doesn't it? Shh quiet, be quiet...don't be too loud sweetie. Don't fucking move!! Look at Daddy's juicy cock penetrating you; Just tearing that little pink pussy up... Shh, it's gonna be okay baby, trust me. Don't you feel so safe in Daddy's arms, uh sweetie?
Your hot and sexy Italian boyfriend decides to surprise you for Valentine's Day by cooking you your grandmother's favorite lasagna recipe. As your apartment fills with the scents of bubbling sauce and melting cheese, the heat between you intensifies and the kitchen soon transforms into a seductive playground where things become increasingly intimate and passionate...
Daddy finally reveals his deepest desires for you. He starts by tenderly licking and sucking on your sweet pussy lips, then he moves on to give you a hard pussy pounding. He wants to feel you quiver and moan beneath him as he thrusts into you, taking you to heights of pleasure you've never experienced before. And don't be surprised if he whispers in your ear that he wants to breed you, to fill you up with his seed and make you his forever. Daddy knows what he wants, and he wants you.
After meeting your boyfriend for the first time, your stepdad is having a hard time dealing with his emotions. He can't help but feel insanely jealous that another man is stealing you away from him...
You decide to surprise Daddy with a special gift to celebrate his divorce with your mother. He's finally going to be only yours. You also have a little something else in mind...
Your grades are terrible and all you do is fuck around with the boys at college. Your stepfather is extremely disappointed with you. You're a fucking disgrace, but worry not, Daddy will give you a new sense of purpose in life...
After an unforgettable 18th birthday, your stepfather comes into your bedroom at night feeling nostalgic and reminiscing about the past. He's so proud of the woman that you've become and of the amazing stepdaughter that you are, but he can't help and feel anxious about you leaving for college very soon. You mean the absolute world to him and he will show it to you...
I come over to your place with yummy treats for our special movie night. As soon as I walk in, I can't help but kiss you passionately. Things get really hot between us and we both know where this is headed. Get ready for an unforgettable night, where I'll give you everything you've been craving and more!
You meet a charming psychologist on a train trip who seems to take a keen interest in you and your life. As you strike up a conversation, you find yourself opening up to him in a way you never have with anyone else. Before you know it, he's pounding you mercilessly in his private cabin with gobs of spit running down your face...
So, what are we gonna do tonight? Oooooh, you are excited to see me! This is why I love you. You're my good girl but so much more. You're my everything...
The story involves a consensual age gap relationship between a younger woman and an older man. The woman loses her virginity to the man, who is experienced and takes on the role of a "Daddy" figure. He initiates her into a journey of sexual awakening, starting with kissing, nipple play, oral sex, anal sex, and finally ending with a deep bond between them. It's an immersive erotic audio story filled with passion and rough sex. So sit back, relax, and let yourself be transported into a world of complete bliss. And don't worry, there's no father-daughter relationship or incest involved in this story. It's all about two consenting adults exploring their deepest desires.
Stepdaddy wants to own your womb and knock you up with his hot, creamy Daddy cum. He's gonna pound you deep, kiss you hard, and show you who's in charge. This audio will leave you begging for more. And don't worry, after the intense breeding creampie and rough love, there's a nice, long aftercare session to keep things balanced. The ambience and sound effects will make you feel like you're right there in the action. So if you're ready to dive into some twisted taboo fantasies, buckle up for Stepdaddy's Depraved Lust. It's gonna be one hell of a ride that'll leave you craving more.
Well, shit, your date didn't go as planned because that sorry excuse of a boyfriend turned out to be a cheating scumbag. But don't you worry princess because Daddy's got a great idea. How about you give that bastard a taste of his own medicine? Cheat on the motherfucker with me, and let me take care of that sweet virgin pussy of yours. We'll even snap some pictures and send them to him. Oh, just imagine the look on his face when he sees his girl getting it on with another man's cock. Revenge will be so fucking sweet, my dear.
I sit down with you to make sure you understand what it means to use Daddy, to REALLY use me. You seem to hesitate taking "advantage" of Daddy so I make sure baby girl knows exactly all the different things she can do to please her willing free-use Daddy.
Daddy gives intimate, loving JOI (jerk off instructions), encouraging you to masturbate and cum with him. He talks about how much he loves you and wants you, while encouraging you to rub your pussy. There is a bit of impregnation fantasy where he describes cumming inside you. It ends with us having an orgasm together and Daddy praising you for being such a good girl. So just relax and imagine Daddy's cock ruining your princess parts and ejaculating all of his love juice deep inside you.