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Throwthisawaythataway Audio Sex Stories 243

A script by Vocawriter112. http://pastebin.com/e7b9eyQe The little nymph from next door seduces her helpful neighbor. Age play.
A cute, encouraging JOI. Making Daddy cum for his dirty little cumslut.
Whispery DD/lg. Daddy comes into my bed while I'm asleep and does naughty things. Good thing I'm his good little fucktoy.
I don't like humiliation. And there are some very good things about no so big cocks. Oral sounds. We are friends, you can show me your cock.
MD/lg. Ageplay. Incest. Two female voices (both mine, btw). Note: I was practicing my editing skills. Not perfect, but it gets better towards the end.
An impromptu recording of me taking some BBC. Hot Chocolate stopped by the other day for a quickie. Lots of Swirl noises. A tiny bit of begging. Lots of orgasms. Bonus points if you can pinpoint the exact moment he tries to put his cock in my ass. The traffic noise in this audio is atrocious. I apologize. ******Warning Male Voice******
JOI. Going back to basics. I need you to cum with me.