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Tigolbittiezz Audio Sex Stories 49

I've been wanting to do another humor script so I had to try this hilarious script by Kastyairis hope you enjoy!
I am a pleaser and like to make people happy. So I was drawn to this Kastyairis script. I hope you enjoy
Found this script from sennasayshi and loved the idea. Staying at a friends house and catch her hot brother outside playing with himself. Embarrassed at first bit can't resist.
We are at the movies but I have to have you right now shhhh
How has a whole year gone by! This will be my first time fapping on audio...enjoy
I've been wanting to try an accent audio so here it is. Enjoy
It's a fantasy I've had for a long time but never vocalized . I couldn't find the right script so I wrote my own. First time writing a script or reading my own words so be gentle.
Another brilliant script by Kastyairis. I don't even know how to tag this there is so much going on. Enjoy!
I have accepted Kasty's cakeday challenge and here is the result I hope you enjoy!
I know I'm addicted to kastyairis scripts. I loved how playful this one is and a chance to giggle. I hope you all enjoy!
A wonderful script by Trinity_X that I did half of when I first started recording. Now I'm brave enough to do the whole thing. Enjoy!
It's a very special lady's birthday today and I wanted to whip her up something sweet!
Tig is trying to be serious I know I know but deal with it ;) Found this awesome script by Sera13 and it spoke to me. Enjoy!
Instant connection instant passion who wouldn't want this. Love this script by cuddle_with_me hope you enjoy!