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Tinedorcha Audio Sex Stories 11

You've had a long, stressful business trip and I know you're just aching to hand over control. Bound spreadeagle and helpless, you're going to be my plaything, my personal sex toy. I'm going to turn you into my dirty, moaning, needy anal slut while you take my cock in your ass for the first time. Don't worry, you'll get to cum - eventually.
That's my libido for ya - I was perfectly content and satisfied, until I started thinking about it. About you, your touch, your tongue, your....well, you know. I simply couldn't help myself.
For the good boy who inspired the delicious thoughts behind this. I've been thinking about using your mouth for entirely too long and I'm not waiting another second. It's time you started learning how to suck cock so you can be the best possible slut for me. On your knees and open your mouth for me. Good boy.
A little something to let you all know I haven't totally vanished and you absolutely will be getting more content from me as soon as I am possibly able to.
Hey everyone! Apologies for the long and unexpected hiatus. Just a little update. New content coming in the relatively near future.