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Tryingyouout Audio Sex Stories 130

I know you've been a little anxious and stressed out lately. Don't worry...I've got you.
An intimate recording about comforting someone when I wake up beside them after they have a nightmare.
I want to breed you. Stroke yourself while dump it deep inside you...
I want you to talk dirty to me during sex. Wait, what? You don't know how? It's ok, baby. I'll teach you...
So yeah, I got a bit carried away with this one. Where does the time go? Over 30 minutes...for your first time from start to finish. Hopefully it is as good for you as it was for me. ;)
You filthy, naughty little slut...tonight, you're nothing but a worthless fuck hole to me. I'm gonna dump a load of cum inside you and breed that little hole of yours.
When people say 'go fuck yourself' I don't think they meant it literally. But I guess I always can try...
This is what happens when you overstimulate a guy after he cums.
Hey sexy, how about we have a fun little competition? ;)
You've been sending me filthy messages and pictures all day. Now, please, I need some release, but please just fuck me. I NEED to.
Hello sweetheart. You must have missed me, I can see you crying with how happy you are to see me...
Daddy has been at work all day and I'm so excited to see you, sweetie! Mind you, I didn't expect to come home and find you doing this...
Please don't start with all that dominatrix shit tonight, baby. I'm really not in the mood...
Daddy was a little tapped out earlier after making so much candy, but Princess wanted a little playtime with Daddy's lolly...