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Useless_lesbian Audio Sex Stories 27

I'm so glad you're here. Thank you so much for signing up for this clinical trial. Now, what I need is to make yourself cum. Yes, while I watch.
It's so nice to hang out and see you again. I missed this so much, and you look amazing now that you've transitioned! It's true, you're such a stunning woman. So listen, I might have been harboring feelings for you for a while now.
I know you like taking photos and posting them online, which is fine, of course. I just get a little flustered when I see you naked in those different positions. Have I ever touched myself while looking at your pictures? Well, umm...
I can tell our little girl didn't totally drain you tonight, so I have to know. Can I drink from you now, if that's okay with you? I can! Oh, sweetheart! I'm so excited!
Hey, I'm glad you could hang out tonight. Huh? What's on my bed? Oh shit, my toys, right, I guess I forgot about them. The collar and leash? Umm, yeah, you can put them on if you want.
Did you know, back in high school, that I had such a crush on you? I did, and I still do. I want you to hold me, I want you to kiss me, I just want you.
Join me in a very unique cafe where we offer the best coffee in the city and... well, other lovely perks for our lovely ladies!
Shh, it's okay, it's just me. Do you trust me? Good, then I want you to close your eyes and just listen to the soft sound of my voice.
Hey there, hi, this might be kinda weird, but I've never seen you in this bar before. Oh, you've never been in a lesbian bar before? So does that mean you've never been with another girl?
Well hello, you pathetic little Padawan. I'm glad you're awake because I think it's time to use you again. Oh? You don't remember? Your master gave you over to me, you're all mine little Jedi
Yeah, I know I've got a ton of knots in my shoulders. Ohh, but your touch feels so good, you always know just what to do to get my tension out. You know, if you want, you can keep going lower.
I'm so glad you're finally home sweetie! I've been waiting all day for butch girl to return so I can please you. I've been thinking about you and your body all day long.
Oh, hey there. I'm so glad to see you, it always makes my day when you come by. Why? Well, umm, it's because... I've got a crush on you.
The tree looks great! I'm so glad we decided to decorate this year. Yeah, I know this Christmas is going to be weird, but I'm glad we're spending it together. Now that we're done, come join me under the blanket?