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Catonsville 11/13/18 9:03 PM I just want to share how would I have to masturbation? I've been naked for four days now. compulsively masturbating My penis is my life. I can't stop masturbating. It's all I'm going to do. I watch myself in the mirror. I watch pornography. Masturbation is my life. I love struck my penis. I order shipped my penis. One of us off I can't stop masturbating. So f****** guys. Feel so f****** good. My life is masturbation. My life is masturbation. I'm a master baiter. I can't stop. so I think I love talking about masturbation addiction. Fuc. It's okay. I love being a big loser. Well, I do is go to work. Then I come home and get naked masturbate immediately. Don't want to do with my life. I masturbate.
Dutch Town female 11/16/18 8:33 PM Oh, I just I can't stop rubbing. My pussy f****** can't stop rubbing my pussy. Oh, I do it better than anybody else can it was I could do it better than any f****** man f****** then it's hundreds. They can't rub my pussy. Like I can go f***. I can't stop rubbing my pussy and I personally feel some f****** raw. I've been rubbing it for f****** hours. I'm going to touch my my kids. I'm going to play with my kids or what my f****** Nichols. I'm going to squeeze them. Yeah, I'm just pleased my f****** nipples. Yes, no f****** man. No leaks f****** man can squeeze my nipples like this only I can I'm so f****** tender. Oh my gosh. Wow, yes. Oh my God. Oh, yes. Oh my goodness. Gosh, I don't know. Friends fun of you sucking cock man out there. Do you hear me? Tell her you can't rub my pussy like I can you know what you don't get to hear the rest. So you're f****** cup and you don't deserve my pussy or my voice ha ha
#MotelMasturbator 4/1/19 10:03 PM I'm traveling for work I'm in a motel room turned up the heat taking off all my clothes and they've been doing and masturbating for over two hours a penis so hard and so leaky feels so good I've been on Discord looking at all the pictures that are posted there while I masturbate my penis and goon and make it feel really really good I've also been watching shemale p*** and gay p*** and masturbation p*** and it just makes my penis feels so good I want to come really bad but I'm not coming I'm not coming I'm just doing me I'm doing and edging and ruining my penis my penis my penis my penis penis oh I love to touch my penis makes me feel so good to touch my penis oh my penis feel so good okay Miss I want to masturbate with another dude hold on whether penises together what we masturbate and watch dirty p*** dirty blonde I love penises like masturbating oh masturbate masturbate my penis also grab someone listens to this in masturbates so and here's me masturbating and masturbates their payments yeah masturbate oh yeah masturbate masturbate my penis is so good it's so hard I usually don't have time to make it this erect usually just have to masturbate quickly but now I got time and it feels so good #chronic #masturbation #addiction #audio #gooning