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Wifison Audio Sex Stories 13

My mom’s in her early 40’s but she has pretty huge tits and a nice ass and she gets clapped at around 8 am but they’ve been going all night hopefully you enjoy this recording of her getting fucked
In the audio there’s small pauses, as i stopped recording and then continued, but it’s all in the same sex session. My mom is 41 with big juicy tits and a decent ass, she doesn’t look old at all though. Hope you enjoy the audio
this recording is two separate clips but both in the same sex session, the split is at 2:34. but yeah she gets a quick fuck from one of her new friends, she has big boobs and is age 41.
the guy she’s fucking was drinking with her and i heard them going at it late past 4 in the morning. she gets absolutely railed in this audio and she even gets cum all inside her as she moans vigorously. my mom has pretty nice 38 D cup boobs and she is in her early forties. the guys she fucks are usually just hook ups and they drink and start hammering my mom late at night so i just record from under the crack in her door.
my mom is 5’5 with dark brown hair, big 34D boobs, medium sized round ass, and has the same skin tone as a latino. she’s 41 years old and pretty lonely so she definitely likes to enjoy herself when taking dick. i recorded this with my phone under her bedroom door and listened with airpods and of course i jerked off many times after i got this. i hope you enjoy.