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Wildunicornaudio Audio Sex Stories 35

This file is classic femdom with a bit of a brainwashing twist at the end. Edging, orgasm control and restriction, a stop and go game with a little bit of fantasy, a little bit of humiliation, plenty of D/s and a come countdown . . . this file will push all the right buttons.
I’m tired of you delaying and dragging your feet -- you know I want you on your knees, with a cock down your throat and your body wrapped in a pretty little slutty dress. I’ve come up with a bit of motivation for you, in the form of a chastity device and a tiny little key. I’ll be wearing it around my neck for a while -- let’s see how long you want to delay when your orgasms are on the line.
A siren uses her voice, her song, to lure men to their doom -- lucky for you, I’m a siren succubus, and I might let you walk away from this encounter. This is a dark, dark audio where I use you to feed my evil hungers, and I don’t really mind if you don’t want it. The rape tag is in full force here, so listeners beware -- here there be monsters.
I want you to get lost for me, for a while. I want you to tumble into trance, stroking lazily, feeling yourself going deeper and deeper, feeling better and better, as I urge you into a place where time is meaningless and your only focus is how good you feel right here, right now. Take a little vacation and stroke with me for as long as you like, leaving the real world behind and living here, where there is only pleasure and play and my voice in your ears . . . you deserve it.
A little bit of relaxation, a rapid induction, and a dazzlingly delicious femdom pegging fantasy will get both of us exactly where we want to go. We’ll get there fast, and then we’ll take it slow . . . until you’re begging me for more.
When we sneak away for a little sexy vacation, you didn’t know that we were going to start playing even before we landed. . . but we are. Be a good pet for me -- put on your headphones and let’s play a little game together, shall we?
This file is foundational -- if you want to play deep and hard with me, this is a good one to have in your early repertoire. It includes worship and devotion in the traditional sense, framed in a dazzling, calm, soothing and yet awe-inspiring backdrop of deepest, darkest space. This mp3 is a delightful bit of programming for an amnesia trigger and also a delicious retreat from your day into a place of infinite possibility with my Goddess and Creatrix energy there to remind you of all the erotic possibility. Break the bonds of earth and drift with me -- you’ll love it.
I want to teach you to embrace sensual pleasures, to live in the flesh, to savor every delicious drop of hedonistic pleasure that the world has to offer. Take come, for instance, semen hot on the tongue -- my programming and hypnosis will have you eager for the joys of the taste before you know it.
Bound, naked, in my bed, with me whispering in your ear as you tumble deeper and deeper into trance -- it seems like all the makings of a fantastic scene are here. Femdom, tease and denial, and my delightful giggle will make you love this file as much as you hate it.
If you can't make it out to play with me when I ask, there's a whole host of people that are eager to take your place, pet. I'm going to tell you all about what you missed out on, tease you, torment you with all the details, while I make you lick me til I come and then suck my cock, before I peg you and make you come for me. This is a true scene/story/confession in my Sex Club Adventures series. I hope you dig it! The sub in question is wriggling knowing that his fuckup and "punishment" are being shared with the world -- I hope it makes you wriggle, too. ;) XOXO Unicorn
It starts out innocently enough -- you and I, strangers on a train -- and before you know it, you’ve tumbled down deep into trance, and I’m implanting pleasure triggers and amnesia triggers and then pulling you back up, playing with you, right here in public, teasing you and reminding you to be quiet, to stifle that moan, because we’re in public, after all. . .
I’d love to lay here on this magical, soft grassy hill with you and watch the clouds go by . . . This audio is not genderspecific, but it involves getting you into a softer, sweeter, more feminine headspace, no matter where you are to start with. I want to soften you up, make you giggle, get you hot and aching for pleasure. I want you sweet and pretty, smiling and blushing and playing and touching yourself while I watch you. No body-specific language is used, so no matter what bits you have or what bits you find authentic when you’re in a feminine headspace, you will be able to sink deep into the sensual enjoyment of your skin, touch, and energy. This is a fun, flirty, sweet, light little bit of genderfuckery to get lost in with me -- enjoy it. <3
I love sitting here, watching the rain with you. A quiet afternoon, a soft blanket, a spot in front of the window -- and you, on your knees for me. My good boy, my good toy -- enjoy a little moment of sexy, cozy deliciousness with me. By request, this version of the audio has gentle rain sounds.
Your girlfriend and I have a good time at our fun little Old West themed bar. We love being bartenders, but the day shift can be a ghost town -- so we’ve been making up our own entertainment in the afternoons. We want to invite you to join us tonight, after the bar is closed and the doors are locked. After all, you have been asking her for a while to have a threesome. Don’t you want to play with us?