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Williammastersnarrates Audio Sex Stories 122

Mistress and Sir have trained me to be a good whore. And tonight I will be used as one! I'll be fucked and filled with cum until I'm completely full, and as long as my cock stays hard. Which given the little pills they gave me, means I will be fucked and filled all night long.... FUCK I WANT THIS SO BAD!
There is nothing more I like doing than pretending to be a vulnerable, nerdy bottom bitch. The best assholes seem drawn to me when they see me like this. But I have a confession: I love breaking them. I love taking those bad bois and breaking them of their wills. Making them into my good bois. Oh, God, and the bigger the asshole I break ... the more dirty things I must do to them! And my prey for the day ... oh he is a proper bad boi if ever I did find one.... Fuck yes.
I'm going to a conference with a coworker of mine. Not just any coworker, but the cute one I've had a crush on for ages. But it seems like we're both bound to be stuck together in mutual friend zones, never getting the chance to try for more. But, just as things look destined to never change, our train ride to our hotel suddenly gets very, very complicated. Being pushed together by the crowd leads to a drastic wardrobe malfunction right there, and I could swear ... it's almost like this train has its own naughty plan in mind to force us to make the decision: do we stay friends, or become lovers?
I want you to get to know your body - to show me what brings you pleasure, because that's what brings me pleasure. From starting with teasing, we'll progress to edging, and by the time we are done, you'll be cumming for me over, and over. All to practice learning how to cum on command. To cum for ME on command. So, show your Master that you can be a good little girl and CUM. All characters are 18+ and this audio is by and for only adults.
I'm finally going on a date with my hot coworker. And if all goes well, I'll make him my good little boy by the end of it. We shall see just what it takes, though ... how many ruined orgasms and edging will it take before he calls me Daddy? Oh, how I look forward to finding out! All characters are 18+ and this audio is by and for only adults. DDlb; no incest.
My good girl told me she wanted to work on being able to have an orgasm just by me playing with her nipples. And, wow, to imagine doing that?! Well, since we can't be together today, I made her an audio to help her relax into just doing that. I'll have her listen to it over and over, until she finally achieves that nipplegasm for me. ALL for me! And god ... GOD does that thought get me hard!
I love waking Daddy up like a good little boy should. But I'm not quite able to take all his cock down my throat just yet. But that won't stop me from trying! Can I please try again, Daddy? All characters are 18+ and this audio is by and for only adults. DDlb; no incest.
I finally asked my crush out, and she said yes! But a romantic picnic turns out to be more than I expected ... and more than I could have ever asked for! My crush makes me Hers, breaks me in, and uses me for Her pleasure. As it should be! (CNC warning: this audio contains heavy CNC and, even though the MC loves it, doesn't change that fact.)
Hey baby? I need to get some audio samples of pussy licking. If you can stay quiet while I do so, I promise you'll have a VERY good time. Edit: okay, maybe third times a charm. I'll just have to use this one and put up with postedit. Or record a fourth one lol. All characters are 18+ and this audio is by and for only adults.
Empty that pretty little head of everything until only the sound of my voice remains. You want to be a good girl, don't you? To just let go of everything? To just stop thinking, and just start cumming? Good. Girl. Don't think ... just CUM. All characters are 18+ and this audio is by and for only adults.
I am here to absolve my parishioners of their sins, for I do the Lord's work. And this morning, I find a needful woman already praying at my church's altar. She has come for salvation, claiming to be from a line of witches cursed with an affliction that causes others both uncontrollable physical and mental lust. I will help this child of God. But, when it turns out that her magic is real, there is only one way I can break this curse.... I must take this little witch, and give her magic back to her and take the curse upon myself! I MUST show her the Love of God!
Well fuck, I managed to record a how-to on this while actually doing it.... And I just took a look at it and, uhhh.... it ended up being like 18 minutes long, and I apparently am cumming for almost 7 of those minutes?!? And I came times?!? Fuck, there might be something wrong (or very right!) with me lol
Mistress has been training me to take bigger and bigger plugs. And each time I've taken the next size up, she's praised me as her good boi. HER good boi! And, today, I've easily taken the biggest of the plugs, finally! Mistress makes a bet with me tonight, though (now that I'm the good anal slut and cock whore she's been training me to be!): if I can guess, at least once, how many fingers She's fucking my ass with, I get to put myself inside Her tight embrace!! But if I guess wrong three times, then I consent to anything - ANYTHING - that She wants to do to, and with, me! And ... I don't know which one I want more! Win the bet? Or ... lose it? Either way, Mistress wins, so that sort of means I win, too, right?? So, all that matters is that I serve Mistress right, tonight!
As a noble from a prestigious family, this knight is talented, good looking, and haughty as fuck. Everyone else who isn't him, is below him. Including the Queen. Which is why she now serves his every whim below him, and above him too, if that's how he wants her to be fucked. She's only worth something by serving him, so he makes sure to use her to his fullest, dark desires. Which means nothing is off limits. And today, the throne room belongs to Him.
My good little girl wakes me up by sucking my cock because she's impatient for me to fuck her. To fill her. To breed her like the good little girl she is. So, get on your hands and knees like my good breeding bitch, and I'll fill you as much as you want! And then I'm going to lick that sweet little pussy while you stay in bitch position, making sure all my cum stays niiiice and deep inside you. And, maybe, if you cum over and over for me like a good girl should, I'll do it all over, and over again.... Good. Girl! All characters are 18+ and this audio is by and for only adults.
A beautiful, charismatic office manager works at one of my favorite businesses to deliver packages to. And she sure is a bright spot in my day! But on my route today at lunch, I catch her listening to an erotic audio that has her hypnotized and more than ready to fuck. And fuck we do! She obeys the audio - as do I! - and I leave her with one hell of a "package" delivered ... nice and deep inside her tightness! Fuck, I can't wait to come back the next time she's on her lunch break!
My Sir is going to take me for the first time by himself. But while I'm taking his cock down my throat, I sense a weakness growing in him the closer and closer he gets to cumming. And just before he unloads down my throat, I give him what he wants by making him MINE! *Evil laugh.* And now my naughty boi toy is going to get fucked hard by me, his new Master!